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The UALR William H. Bowen School of Law, Office of Student Affairs, supports the academic success, professional development, and health and wellness of every student at Bowen. Our office seeks to build a welcoming community and serve as a resource for advice and assistance that will help students become ethical and competent legal professionals. Bowen’s core values, professionalism, public service and access to justice, are the driving force behind our work.

Core Values

Flying WAs student affairs professionals, we strive to live by the same values that we promote to our students.

  • Wellness: We value a community that promotes physical, mental and emotional well-being, and an environment that facilitates a sense of belonging for every student.
  • Professionalism: We strive to create an academic environment that mirrors the professional environment in which our graduates will work in the future. To that end, we are committed to modeling professional values such as responsiveness, timeliness, courtesy, and diligence.
  • Accountability: We value integrity, open communication, honest assessment and critical evaluation of our services and programming.
  • Inclusion: We value an environment where every individual feels welcomed, respected, and engaged. We seek to cultivate a Bowen community that is inclusive of all people and celebrates diversity.
  • Public service: We value a community of service-oriented students, staff and faculty where cocurricular and extracurricular experiences strengthen and broaden student learning inside and outside the classroom.

Student Affairs Staff

Rejena Grotjohn

Rejena S. Grotjohn
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity Initiatives
Room 205B | Phone: 501-916-5420

Contact Dean Grotjohn regarding:

  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Support
  • Concurrent Degree Programs
  • Visiting Out or Study Abroad
  • Division Transfers
  • Legal Education Advancement Project (LEAP)

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Kristen S. Minton
Director of Academic Support and Bar Success Services
Room 205A | Phone: 501-916-5421

Contact Director Minton re:

  • Bar Exam Preparation Counseling
  • Bar Exam Application Assistance
  • Bar Exam and MPRE Accommodations Assistance.
  • Academic Support
  • Dean’s Fellows Program

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Danna Young

Danna Young
Legal Writing Specialist
Room 516 | Phone: 501-916-5471

Contact Ms. Young regarding:

  • RWA Assistance
  • Upper Level Writing Assistance
  • Academic Support

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Rebecca Nugent
Student Affairs Program Manager
Room 205E | Phone: 501-916-5447

Contact Ms. Nugent regarding:

  • Bowen student organizations
  • Student wellness programs and resources
  • Bowen fitness offerings
  • Office of Student Affairs events
  • Bowen master calendar
  • Reservations of Bowen facilities

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