Bowen Awards

The law school hosted the annual Bowen Awards on Friday, April 1, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., in the Great Hall of the Clinton Presidential Center.  This banquet celebrated Bowen’s exceptional students of 2021. Students receiving Top Paper awards, Dean’s Certificates of Public Service, Student Organization of the Year, Bowen Fellow of the Year, and more were honored.


Please email Rebecca Nugent.


Mentor of the Year

Paul Bowen, Office of General Counsel-US Department of Agriculture (ret.)

Bowen Fellow of the Year

Virginia Greer

Student Organization of the Year

OutLaw Legal Society

Dean’s Certificates

Conan Becknell
Macy Klein Eldredge
Matthew Flood
Kellie Loftis
Cody McKinney

Student Success 1L’s of the Year

Vinessa Barrow
Cassidy Brady
Paige Harris
Hope Ritchey
Madison Shaddox
Nic Sissel
Alexis Smith
Joseph Steele
Rachel Qualls
Daniel Woodyard

Top Paper Awards for 2021

Drew P. AllenResearch, Writing & Analysis IFall 2021
Conan BecknellSpecialized Legal ResearchFall 2021
AshLee Ann BradshawDisability LawFall 2021
Matthew Robert CampbellResearch, Writing & Analysis IFall 2021
Katherine E. ClarkCivil Procedure IFall 2021
David M. ColeEvidenceFall 2021
David M. ColeFederal Income TaxationFall 2021
Steven H. CoxConstitutional LawFall 2021
Steven H. CoxEvidenceFall 2021
Steven H. CoxFederal Income TaxationFall 2021
Elijah G. CumminsReal Estate FinanceFall 2021
Drew Landon CurtisCapital Punishment SeminarFall 2021
Collin S. DeenCriminal Procedure Pretrial ProcessFall 2021
Collin S. DeenEvidenceFall 2021
Catherine DemaillyInternationall Law: KosovoFall 2021
Hank M. FeltonReal Estate FinanceFall 2021
Hank M. FeltonSpecialized Legal ResearchFall 2021
Micah R. FontaineTortsFall 2021
Adam P. FreyaldenhovenConflict of LawsFall 2021
Adam P. FreyaldenhovenEmployment LawFall 2021
Adam P. FreyaldenhovenRemediesFall 2021
Madalyn J. GoolsbyResearch, Writing & Analysis IFall 2021
Madalyn J. GoolsbyTortsFall 2021
Geoffrey C. GrossLaw & Literature SeminarFall 2021
Melody GuffeySpecialized Legal ResearchFall 2021
Jonathan I. GuiltnerDecedents EstatesFall 2021
Jonathan I. GuiltnerEvidenceFall 2021
Jessica L. HallBankruptcy LawFall 2021
Casey McCormack HallJurisprudenceFall 2021
Natalie F. HargisGender And The LawFall 2021
Lance J. HewettResearch, Writing & Analysis IFall 2021
Brandi D. IglehartResearch, Writing & Analysis IFall 2021
Bryce L. JeffersonEstate & Gift TaxationFall 2021
Bryce L. JeffersonEvidenceFall 2021
Mark K. KernsEvidenceFall 2021
Rachel Lyn KeyContracts IFall 2021
Cagney N. KilgroeEvidenceFall 2021
David P. LeeCivil Procedure IFall 2021
Chandler N. LittleEvidenceFall 2021
Cody J. LorgeOil and Gas LawFall 2021
Cody Alan McKinneyInternaational Law: KosovoFall 2021
Sydney Elizabeth MeyerChild Welfare PracticeFall 2021
Zoya MillerInternational Environmental LawFall 2021
Zoya MillerSpecialized Legal ResearchFall 2021
Shelby T. MorrowMediation ClinicFall 2021
Megan NealSpecialized Legal ResearchFall 2021
Anne Kathleen PaulEvidenceFall 2021
Austin Lee PowellDisability LawFall 2021
Austin Lee PowellReal Property IFall 2021
Kirsten F. RicheyFourth Amendment SeminarFall 2021
Drew RobersonMoot Court CompetitionFall 2021
Sean M. RowlandContracts IFall 2021
Sean M. RowlandReal Property IFall 2021
Sean M. RowlandTortsFall 2021
Lyda Brianne RyanLaw & Religion SeminarFall 2021
Lauren B. ScrogginsFamily LawFall 2021
Jeffrey SiffordSpecialized Legal ResearchFall 2021
Sydney SimsBusiness Innovations ClinicFall 2021
Nicholas R. SisselCivil Procedure IFall 2021
Weston R. SizemoreResearch, Writing & Analysis IFall 2021
Sloane StineBusiness AssociationsFall 2021
Patrick Jordan Ferguson TaylorAdministrative LawFall 2021
Connor ThompsonSecured TransactionsFall 2021
Falyn E. TrainaResearch, Writing & Analysis IFall 2021
Chase J. VaughnInternational LawFall 2021
Amanda Nicole WilliamsonLaw Office ManagementFall 2021
Sarah DikaClient InterviewingIntercession 2021
Shyteria S. DunlapClient InterviewingIntercession 2021
Katie M. AtkinsonLaw of the Sexual Exploitation of ChildrenSpring 2021
Johanna Caroline BakerReal Property IISpring 2021
Jamie C. BealInsurance LawSpring 2021
Elizabeth E. BrayLegal ProfessionSpring 2021
Christopher E. BrunsonPublic International LawSpring 2021
Mark K. CameronJurisprudenceSpring 2021
Bradey Camille ChambersRace and the LawSpring 2021
Katherine E. ClarkContracts IISpring 2021
Katherine E. ClarkResearch, Writing & Analysis IISpring 2021
David M. ColeCriminal Procedure Pretrial ProcessSpring 2021
Alexandra A. CorralesResearch, Writing & Analysis IISpring 2021
Steven H. CoxCivil Procedure IISpring 2021
Steven H. CoxReal Property IISpring 2021
Sarah DikaImmigration LawSpring 2021
Fiona C. DuffyCriminal Procedure: Trial ProcessSpring 2021
Hayley Nicole FergusonRace and Criminal JusticeSpring 2021
James Michael GiftFederal Income TaxationSpring 2021
Travis J. GolliherResearch, Writing & Analysis IISpring 2021
Samantha R. GumReal Property IISpring 2021
James Joseph HarrisCivil Procedure IISpring 2021
Savannah Grace JohnstonReal Estate TransactionsSpring 2021
Dustin A. KeelCriminal Procedure Pretrial ProcessSpring 2021
Deepali LalConflict of LawsSpring 2021
Deepali LalEmployment DiscriminationSpring 2021
Matthew C. LewisImmigration LawSpring 2021
Matthew C. LewisLaw & MedicineSpring 2021
Matthew C. LewisRemediesSpring 2021
Chandler N. LittleResearch, Writing & Analysis IISpring 2021
Kevin LoonamCriminal LawSpring 2021
Cody J. LorgeFederal Income TaxationSpring 2021
Lauren Elizabeth McCauleyResearch, Writing & Analysis IISpring 2021
Katherine Rose MortonBusiness AssociationsSpring 2021
Katherine Rose MortonLaw & Literature SeminarSpring 2021
Taylor Mackenzie MoungerReal Estate TransactionsSpring 2021
Aaron S. NewellSecured TransactionsSpring 2021
Laura Lanier O'HaraEntertainment LawSpring 2021
Melody Kaylyn PruittLaw of the Sexual Exploitation of ChildrenSpring 2021
Melody Kaylyn PruittLegal ProfessionSpring 2021
Christina H. RedmannDecedents EstatesSpring 2021
Austin Caleb ReedSupreme Court LitigationSpring 2021
Hannah L. RiveraLaw Office ManagementSpring 2021
Scout Sanders SnowdenBusiness AssociationsSpring 2021
Monica Kathleen SpierCriminal Procedure Applied SkillsSpring 2021
Monica Kathleen SpierFamily LawSpring 2021
Monica Kathleen SpierSpecialized Legal ResearchSpring 2021
Michael M. StiritzConstitutional HistorySpring 2021
Robert J. StodolaContracts IISpring 2021
Robert J. StodolaResearch, Writing & Analysis IISpring 2021
Jordan B. SullivanCriminal LawSpring 2021
Patrick Jordan Ferguson Taylor1st Amend-Free Speech/PressSpring 2021
Patrick Jordan Ferguson TaylorLegal ProfessionSpring 2021
Anuj TeotiaDisability Law IssuesSpring 2021
Susan B. ThomasSpecialized Legal ResearchSpring 2021
Morgan Paige ToppingElection LawSpring 2021
Hannah Katherine Van HornEstate PlanningSpring 2021
Hannah Katherine Van HornTax PolicySpring 2021
Bradley M. WagnonBusiness AssociationsSpring 2021
Hannah E. WebbBusiness AssociationsSpring 2021
Hannah E. WebbJurisprudenceSpring 2021
Hannah E. WebbSpecialized Legal ResearchSpring 2021
Amanda Nicole WilliamsonSpecialized Legal ResearchSpring 2021
Christopher L. YeatmanLegal ProfessionSpring 2021
Charles Monroe CaseSales TransactionsSummer 2021
Elijah G. CumminsSpecialized Legal Research: Criminal LawSummer 2021
Mark R. HollandArkansas ConstitutionSummer 2021
Philip A. HoodJuvenile LawSummer 2021
Erica N. LinvilleLegal ProfessionSummer 2021
Theresa MorrisOverview of Practice in Arkansas CourtsSummer 2021
Shelby T. MorrowInternational Human RightsSummer 2021
Drew RobersonSports & Entertainment LawSummer 2021
Eliza Mitchell RogersSales TransactionsSummer 2021