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The Legal Clinic enables students to work with real clients, the community and the court system. The Clinical Programs consist of six clinics, three clinical projects, a Public Service Externship Program, and a Part-Time Student Practicum.  Each of the clinics offers distinct experiences while emphasizing a similar approach to clinical legal education.

Clinic courses bring the theory of the classroom to life. Many of our graduates refer to their Clinic experience as the best course they took in law school. We are one of the few law schools to offer both day and evening students the opportunity to participate in a clinical course. In addition to providing law students with extraordinary educational experiences, our clinical programs also fill many unmet legal needs of the community.

Disclaimer: The UA Little Rock Legal Clinic does not practice Criminal Law. Prisoners in the Arkansas Department of Corrections should not send materials to our clinic. All materials sent to our clinic will be returned without review.

Contact Information

UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law
Legal Clinic, Room 105
1201 McMath Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202-5142
Office: 501.324.9441
Fax: 501.324.9911


Kelly Browe Olson, Director of Clinical Programs
Terry Harrison, Higher Education Institution Coordinator
Cheryl Bigelow, Higher Education Institution Coordinator
Tiffany Tackett Kell, Mediation Programs Coordinator

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