Bowen Student Success Program

Bowen is committed to academic excellence for each of its students. We have demonstrated our commitment by creating the Bowen Student Success Program.

The Bowen Student Success Program starts with the law school’s First Week. Unlike a new student orientation, First Week is designed to teach students the learning strategies they need to succeed in law school. Students attend their first law school class along with an applied skills workshop designed to help with the transition to the law school curriculum.

The Bowen Student Success Program continues with Student Success Teams of four to six students that meet once a week during the fall semester to apply collaborative learning strategies to their law school experience under the supervision of carefully trained and supervised Dean’s Fellows.

The Bowen Student Success Program also includes Student Success Workshops throughout law school that focus on various aspects of academic excellence. These workshops cover skills integral to success in law school such as legal analysis, time management and legal research.

Our Bar Success programming is also an integral part of the Bowen Student Success Program. From bar skills courses to individualized bar preparation counseling, we are committed to setting you on the path to a rewarding legal career.

Success Starts Here

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