Consumer Protection Clinic

Consumer Protection Clinic

The Consumer Protection Clinic assists consumers with issues such as foreclosure; debt collection; eviction; housing instability; fraud, unfair or deceptive trade practices; or problems with credit reports and credit access. Clinical students represent live clients, which include low-income individuals and the nonprofit organizations that serve them.

During the classroom component, you will participate in legal-skills simulation exercises and will discuss applicable substantive and procedural law, as well as access to justice and professional responsibility issues. We will examine systemic issues facing low- and moderate-income Arkansans and explore advocacy strategies for improving the overall consumer protection landscape, such as community education and legislative advocacy.

For the fall of 2020, students may select from two options:

3-credit policy clinic: In the 3 credit policy clinic, the clinic will represent local nonprofit organizations seeking legal assistance on legislative and policy projects.  Students will learn through real-life experiences such as interviewing clients, analyzing documents and statutes, drafting proposed legislation, and observing legislative and administrative agency hearings. Prerequisite: Legal Professions

4-credit litigation clinic: The course is primarily litigation-based. Students will learn through real-life experiences such as interviewing clients, analyzing documents, drafting complaints and pleadings, conducting discovery, negotiating with opposing counsel, representing clients in administrative or judicial proceedings, and engaging in long-term case strategizing. Prerequisite: Students must be eligible for Rule XV certification.

Orientation for both Consumer Protection Clinics is a mandatory 3 day session on August 17-19.  Clinical students are encouraged to enroll in the summer Consumer Protection Law course.