Administrators and Staff

Dean’s Office

Room 204 | Phone: 501-916-5400

Dean: Theresa M. Beiner

Administrative Projects Coordinator: Kelly Rigby

Academic Affairs

Room 206 | Phone: 501-916-5413

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Michael Flannery

Program Coordinator: Vinnie Francis

Student Affairs

Room 205

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: Rejena S. Grotjohn | Phone: 501-916-5420

Director of Academic Support and Bar Success: Kristen S. Minton | Phone: 501-916-5421

Writing Assistance: Danna J. Young | Room 516| Phone: 501-916-5471 | Make an appointment for assistance

Program Manager: Rebecca Nugent | Phone: 501-916-5447

Administrative Services

Budget Director / Non-Academic Services: Robert M. Fleming | Room 202| Phone: 501-916-5416

Personnel/Purchasing: Tonya R. Bell | Room 203 | Phone: 501-916-5403


Room 104 | Phone: 501-916-5431

Assistant Dean for Admissions, Scholarships, and Enrollment Data:

Registrar: Lisa A. Layman | Phone: 501-916-5432

Admissions and Records Specialist: Melody R. Weigel

Career Services

Room 116 | Phone: 501-916-5419

Assistant Dean for Career Services: Diana Borgognoni Snyder

Program Coordinator: Colleen L. Godley

Clinical Programs

Room 105 | Phone: 501-916-5432 | Mediation Clinic Phone: 501-916-5430

Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Clinical Programs and Director of the Public Service Externship Program and Pro Bono Opportunities: Kelly S. Terry

Director of the Business Innovations Clinic: Kimberly A. Vu-Dinh

Director of the Consumer Protection Clinic and the Rural Practice Incubator Project:  Amy M. Pritchard

Director of the Litigation Clinic & the Delta Clinic/ Supervising Attorney: L. Suzanne Penn

Director of the Mediation Clinic: Kelly Browe Olson

Director of the Tax Clinic: Alicia D. Mitchell

Litigation Instructor: Beth D. Levi

Higher Education Program Coordinator: Cheryl R. Bigelow

Higher Education Program Coordinator: Larry J. Rhodes

Higher Education Program Coordinator: Dylan M. Gibson

Mediation Programs Coordinator: Tiffany L. Kell


Room 207A | Phone: 501-916-5442

Director of Communications: Tina Medlock | Cell: 501-412-0506

Computing Services

Room 138 | Phone: 501-916-3995 | Report a law school IT issue

Associate Dean for Information and Technology Services/Law Library Director: Jessie W. Burchfield | Room 135 | Phone: 501-916-5407

Computing Services Manager: Steve Hyatt

Computer Support Specialist: Mike Dodson

Information Systems and Technology Specialist: Thomas Redd, Jr.

External Relations

Room 207

Assistant Dean for External Relations: Wanda G. Hoover | Phone: 501-916-5425

Alumni and Development Associate: Ashley Nipp | Phone: 501-916-5445

Facilities Management

Room B-8 | Phone: 501-916-5501

Director of Law School Facilities: Joseph F. Abbate


Full-Time Faculty Directory | Faculty Assistant Assignments

Faculty Administrative Assistant: Destiny B. Jones | Room 407 | Phone: 501-916-5428

Faculty Administrative Assistant: Jennifer L. Maxwell | Room 524 | Phone: 501-916-5440

 The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process

Room 420 | Website | Phone: 501-916-5497

Research Professor and Editor: Nancy Bellhouse May

Law Review

Room 602 | Website | Phone: 501-916-5495


Room 138 | Phone: 501-916-5453 | Reference Desk: 501-916-5496 | Hours

Associate Dean for Information and Technology Services / Law Library Director: Jessie W. Burchfield


Acquisitions and Serials Librarian: Jada Aitchison

LAT: Curtis B. Williams | Room 141 | Phone: 501-916-5469

Cataloging and Systems

Systems and Metadata Librarian: Sherrie C. Norwood

Technical Services Coordinator: Sherry T. O’Connor | Room 5448 | Phone: 501-916-5448


Circulation Coordinator: Shawn E. Pierce | Room 149A | Phone: 501-916-5454

Circulation LAT:

Reference Services

Electronic Resources and Reference Librarian: Melissa M. Serfass

Reference and Special Collections Librarian:

Research Support and Reference Librarian: Jeff B. Woodmansee

Public Service

Director of the Public Service Externship Program and Pro Bono Opportunities: Kelly S. Terry

Arkansas Journal of Social Change & Public Service:  Website | Room 102 | Phone: 501-916-5481

Pulaski County Bar Association

Room 101 | Website | Phone: 501-916-5484

Director: Carol King | Email

Room Reservations


Contact: Rebecca Nugent | Room 205E | Phone: 501-916-5447 | Email

State Courts Partnership

Director: James D. Gingerich | Room 403 | Phone: 501-916-5418

Student Bar Association

Room 102A | Website | Phone: 501-916-5473