Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Law Faculty

Bowen’s adjunct faculty is comprised of mostly Bowen alumni who are practicing attorneys in the Little Rock area. They teach legal skills courses and upper-level courses in their areas of practice. These faculty members bring their real-world expertise to Bowen, giving our students the benefit of their knowledge and their passion for the law. Their presence here also gives students unique networking opportunities within the community.

Jordan Bates-Rogers | Email

Professional Responsibility

Katie Watson Bingham | Email

Estate Planning

Tiffany Milligan Brown | Email

Supreme Court Litigation

Brittany Edwards | Email

Civil Liberties

Jennifer Williams Flinn | Email

Education Law

Lynn Foster | Email

Real Property II

Dennis Hansen | Email

Professional Responsibility

Valerie L. Kelly | Email

Race and the Criminal Justice System

Lori Kumpuris | Email

Prosecutor Practicum

Dustin McDaniel | Email

Powers and Duties of State Attorney Generals

Cliff McKinney, II | Email

Real Estate Transactions

Ryan Owsley | Email


John Pagan | Email

Federal Jurisdiction

Connie Brown Phillips | Email

Insurance Law

Jeff Priebe | Email

Election Law Seminar

Debra J. Reece | Email

Writing for the Bar Exam

Lindsey E. Raines | Email

Business Reorganization

David J. Sachar | Email

Criminal Procedure Trial Process

Andrew Taylor | Email

Law Office Management

Mary-Tipton Thalheimer | Email

Business Reorganization

 Jessica B. Vaught | Email


K. Coleman Westbrook | Email

Estate Planning

Walter Wright | Email

Environmental Law