Part-Time Student Practicum

Part-Time Practicum

The Part-Time Practicum is an experiential-learning course in which students in the part-time division are placed in distance field placements with members of the judiciary or with prosecutors. Students in the course also attend an accompanying seminar class at the law school. They work under the supervision of both a faculty supervisor at the law school and a field supervisor at the placement site. Working remotely, students in the course telecommute to perform research and other related writing assignments for the judges and prosecutors with whom they are placed. As their schedules permit, students will be encouraged and permitted to attend courtroom proceedings conducted by the judges or prosecutors for whom they are working. Students receive three credit hours upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements.

The Practicum has two primary components:

  • the placement setting in which the student performs legal work remotely under the direction of a field supervisor; and
  • a related seminar class that meets weekly during the semester to discuss assigned readings, the students’ work experiences, and other topics pertaining to their practica.

Students participating in a practicum are required to complete at least 100 hours of service at their placement site and attend the weekly seminar class. Enrollment in the course is limited, and students are selected to participate through an application process.

For more specific information about the academic requirements of the practicum, please see the Judicial Course Overview and Prosecutor Course Overview. To apply, please complete the Practicum Application.