Discrimination Complaint

The UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law is committed to maintaining an equal learning and working environment for all.

Discrimination based on

  • race, ethnicity, ancestry, color;
  • sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation;
  • national origin, citizenship status;
  • religion;
  • disability, pregnancy, medical condition, genetic predisposition;
  • domestic partnership /  marital status;
  • age;
  • veteran status

may violate University codes of conduct and policies, with potentially serious consequences. Acts of sexual harassment, assault, and violence are considered to be discrimination based on gender.

Depending on who allegedly engaged in the discrimination (e.g., faculty, staff, or students), different offices generally have primary responsibility in conducting investigations. Also, the type of discrimination alleged (e.g. sexual assault, or race discrimination) can influence the specific type of investigation and adjudication procedures that apply.

We do not expect you to fight alone. If you have experienced or witnessed acts of discrimination, you may contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at rsgrotjohn@ualr.edu or by phone at 501-916-5420. If you would prefer to report what you have experienced or witnesses anonymously, you may do so using the form below. Please keep in mind that including your contact information will assist us in directly responding to your submission.