Bowen Honor Roll of Giving

William H. Bowen Distinguished Donors ~ Lifetime Giving

Arkansas Community Foundation

Nadine Baum

Bell and Company, P.A.

Ben J. Altheimer Charitable Foundation

Connie and Bill Bowen

Estate of Ruth H. Brunson

The Eiseman Foundation

Carol and Byron M. Eiseman, Jr.

Frances S. Fendler

Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP

George W. Donaghey Foundation

Estate of Anne C. and John T. Haley

Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, P.L.L.C.

Morley Law Firm

Susanne K. Roberts

Rose Law Firm, P A

Buddy Sutton

Union Pacific Foundation

Walmart Legal Department

Williams & Anderson, PLC

Ted & Betty Williams Memorial Fund

Wilson & Associates, PLLC

Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

Tilden P. Wright III

William H. Bowen Circle($25,000+)

Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

Ben J. Altheimer Charitable Foundation

Gloria S. and Gary M. Blakney

Paula J. Casey and Gilbert L. Glover

Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP

Randi and Tim Hutchinson

Mitchell Williams

Dr. Stacey and Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz

Dean’s Circle- Platinum Level ($10,000+)

Susanne K. Roberts

Rob Taylor Revocable Trust

Williams & Anderson, PLC

Ted & Betty Williams Memorial Fund

Dean’s Circle- Gold Level ($5,000+)

Bell & Company, P.A.

Lynn C. Foster

Judith and Kenneth Gould

Sarah Howard Jenkins

Walter Kroptavich

McDaniel, Richardson & Calhoun

Carol L. and John W. Smith

Pamela M. Pfeifer-Sutter and Luther O. Sutter

Dean’s Circle- Silver Level ($2,500+)

ACE Glass Construction Corporation

Arkansas Municipal League

Barber Law Firm

D. Grant Carwile

Catlett Law Firm PLC

CenterPoint Energy

Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, P.C.

Dover Dixon Horne PLLC

Judge Audrey R. and Don W. Evans

Fuqua Campbell

Gill Ragon Owen, P.A.

Judges Rita and Wayne Gruber

Tifany and Harry Hamlin

Hesse & Hesse, LLP.

Vivian S. Howard

James Law Firm

Phyllis M. and David R. Jones


Law Office of Danyelle Walker, PLLC

Lion Oil Trading & Transportation, Inc.

Susan and Edwin Lowther

Bill McFarland

McMath Woods, P.A.

Edward O. Moody

Monterrey & Tellez Law Firm, PLLC

Newland & Associates, PLLC

Pat and Sam Perroni

Pulaski County Bar Foundation

Quattlebaum, Grooms, Tull & Burrow PLLC

Rainwater, Holt & Sexton

Ted and Shannon Skokos Foundation

Lorene M. Smith

Taylor & Taylor Law Firm, P.A.

W. Harold Flowers Law Society

Bud Whetstone

Justice Rhonda Wood and Dr. Michael Wood

Dean’s Circle ($1,000+)

Adjoa Aiyetoro

Nikki and Justin Allen

American Electric Power, SWEPCO

Andreoli Law, PLLC

Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

Arkansas Public Defender Commisson

Bad Boy Mowers

Coleen and Gary Barger

Jessie and Michael Burchfield

Cesar Caballero

Terrence Cain

Jill C. and John V. Childers Jr.

The City of Little Rock

Brian M. Clary


Judge Vicki and Ken Cook

Patricia and Judge James Cox

Karen and John DiPippa

Claire Gillham and David Eanes

Aminah and Khayyam Eddings

Bob Edwards

Entergy Arkansas

Edie Ervin

Rita and Robert Fleming

Susan and Judge Victor Fleming

Mary Beth Lagenaur and Kenneth S. Gallant

Janet L. Gnerlich

Susan and Chuck Goldner

Gael Sammartino and James Hathaway, III

Alison and Mark R. Hayes

Patricia and Joe Hays

Tracey and Jason Hendren

Hilburn, Calhoon, Harper, Pruniski & Calhoun, LTD.

Risie Howard

Wanda G. Hoover

Insalaco Tenenbaum Enterprises

Jackson Law Firm

Judge Patti James and William O. James, Jr.

Angela and Larry Jegley

Carol Johnson

Dr. Leticia A. Jones and David L. Jones

Tonya C. Jordan

Kela and Lacy J. Kennedy IV

Lax, Vaughan, Fortson, Jones & Rowe

Jerry Malone

Elaine and Bryant Marshall

Sandy and Allison McMath

Medlock Law Firm, P. A.

Carla S. Miller

Moffitt & Phillips, PLLC

Linda and Lee Muldrow

Edward T. Oglesby

Ranko Shiraki Oliver & Philip D. Oliver

Perkins & Trotter PLLC

Keith and Bethany Pike

R. E. Lee Wilson Trust

Samuel Reeves

Leslie C. Rutledge

Shell Trading Company

Scotty M. Shively

Sixth Judicial District Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

Southwest Power Pool

Annabelle and Henry Tuck

Eric F. Walker

Wilkes & McHugh, P.A.

Megan E. Wooster

Jacqueline R. Wright

Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

Partner ($500+)

Auditor of State of Arkansas (Charlie Daniels)

Amber and Dr. Alan Bagley

James E. Baine

Marilyn B. and Greg Brown

Wendy and Cory Childs

Delta Theta Phi Foundation Inc.

Tracey Dennis

Dickerson Law Firm, P.A.

Helen and Fred Harrison

Carla S. and Terrence L. Johnson


Dianna and Randy D. Kinsey

Dolores and Timothy J. Leathers

Jill and Daniel Osborne

The Saint Thomas More Society of AR Inc.

Susan and David Smith

Tomorrow’s Child Learning Center. LLC

Watts Donovan & Tilley, P.A.

Associate ($100+)

Raymond R. Abramson

Jada A. Aitchison

Kay and Bill Allen

Frank Arey

Elizabeth J. Armstrong

Arkansas Bar Association

Kim and Ellis Arnold

Kristen and Brent Baber

Julia A. Baldridge

Melissa L. Bandy


Marcia Barnes & Associates, P.A.

Barrister-College View Properties

Sara and James Batcheller

Theresa Beiner

Patti and Ted Bell

John Bethel

Cory L. Biggs

Judge Ellen and Max Brantley

Beverly I. Brister

Charlotte and Judge Robert Brown

Judge Waymond M. Brown

Judge Barry A. Bryant

Elizabeth Burgess

Ellen Carpenter

Judge Susan W. Carter

Stephanie and Kenneth Casady

William Cash

Lillian and Wylie Cavin

Sarah and Sergio Ceja

Phillip B. Chaney

William H. Choppin

Jennie A. Clark

Roger U. Colbert

Christopher H. Collins

Emily and Grant Cox

Theresa and Ken Crow

Judge Don B. Curdie

Beverly Foster and Martin Davis

Thomas S. Davis

Cindy Dawson

Judge Beth and David Deere

Alison and Lephiew Dennington

Judge Betty C. Dickey

Amanda and Joel DiPippa

Ralph A. Downs, III

Durbin Enterprises LLC.

Joseph I. Easter

Cynthia and John Edwards

Janette L. Entrikin

A. Felecia Epps

Susie and Phillip Farris

Judge William Feland

Frances S. Fendler

Files & Brasuell, PLLC.

Kathryn and Benjamin Fitzhugh

Kerry and Michael Flannery

Jennifer W. Flinn

Bradley A. Floyd

Jill and Adam Fogleman

Ava Franks

Donna and Tom Gay

Sam and Pamela Gibson

Amanda and Andrew Gill

Charlotte John and Dent Gitchel

Judge Robert Gladwin

Matthew Glover

Kenya J. Gordon

Kathy and Ronald Goss

Ann and Austin Grimes

Lindsey Gustafson

Judge Barbara and Jerry Halsey

Lauren White Hamilton

Ginger and Joseph Harper

Jackie Harris

Stephanie Harris

Keith and Priscilla Harvey

Sara Hendrix

Denise Hoggard

Dallas W. Heltz

Matthew M. Henry

Katina R. Hodge

Mark W. Hodge

Elizabeth W. and Rick D. Hogan

Ted Holder

Phyllis and Larry Holifield

Diane Holitik

Colette and Rickey Honorable

Christopher M. Hoover

Ruth and Steve G. Hyatt

The Hyman Law Group, PA

Immigration Law Center LLP

Gail Inman-Campbell, PLC

Amy and David Johnson

Nancy and Mike Jones

Shirley Jones

Vincent Jordan

Nicholas A. Kahn-Fogel

Keech Law Firm, P.A.

Valerie L .Kelly

Judge Collins Kilgore

Lauro Law PLLC

Law Office of Matt Potempa

Law Office of Michael A. Salorio

Judge Alice F. Lightle

Amie J. Lockwood

Dana D. Love

Nikki Lovell

George F. Mador

Eduardo J. Maglione

Martha and Bruce Maloch

Teresa Marks

Mary and William Martin

Heather R. Martin-Herron

Nancy Bellhouse May

Melanie J. McClure

Alexia McCrary

Kathleen McDonald

McKinney & McKinney, PLLC

Rebecca A. McKinney

Katie Lestage and Abtin Mehdizadegan

Patick D. Melikian

Patrice Melville

Rosalyn L. Middleton

Mike Beebe For Governor

Regan and Brandon Moffitt

Sandra B. Moll

Judge Jay Moody

Michael S. Moore

Robert S. Moore

Rosalind M. Mouser

Mullenix Law Offices, PLLC

Gene Mullins

Arthur G. Murphey Jr.

Dana and Wally W. Nixon

Rashauna Norment

Michelle Banks Odum

Kelley Browe Olson

Alfredia Owens

Anne Parker

Matinque M. Parker

Daniel Peregrin

Connie and James Phillips

John Phillips

Michael Phillips

Jean and Samuel Probasco

Ryan Ratliff

Terry Richard

Lott Rolfe, IV

Sarah Ross

Michael D. Rubenstein

Corinne and Michael A. Sappington

Melissa Sawyer

Richard F. Schmidt

David C. Schoen

Judge Toni Bogan-Shropshire

Laura K. Shue and Jay Kehler

Joshua M. Silverstein

Matt F. Simpson

Linda and David Slaton

Allison Slinkard

Dale S. Smart

Joel Smith

TK Smith

Tonya Oaks Smith and Louis K. Smith

Martha and Judge Vann Smith

Snap Fitness of Central Arkansas

Steve Sowell & Associates

Mike Spades

Logan Scott Stafford

Patricia J. Stanley

Travis Starr

Matthew Stauffer

Carrie and Greg Stefaniak

Martha Sawrie and G. Warren Stephenson

David W. Sterling

Stewart & Ray, PLLC.

Jennie Clark Stewart

June Stewart and Robert McCullum

Michelle M. Strause

Judge Dan Stripling

Nancy and Neal Sullins

Robin L. Sullivan

Tapp Law Firm

Aaron N. Taylor

Marcella Taylor

Kelly S. Terry

LaTasha T. Thomas

Chris Travis

John D. Treanor

Mary A. Trentham

Breanna Trombley

Becky and Rett Tucker

Brian A. Vandiver

Sheila and Judge Larry Vaught

Allison G. Warner

Mona Wedad

Welch, Brewer & Hudson, LLC

Matthew D. Wells

Anne Hughes White

C. Michael White

Elisa White

Shannon and Beau Wilcox

Wilson & Associates, PLLC

Shana Woodard

*The donor roll reflects giving from July 1, 2012 through the present.