Room and Space Reservations

In accordance with the University of Arkansas System and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock policies and procedures, university facilities are primarily available for the benefit and use of the students, faculty, and staff enrolled at the university. Students, faculty, staff, and non-university organizations should use this form for all space reservations, including tables, classrooms, galleries, and lounges at the UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law.

The UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law allows the rental of classrooms and courtrooms, presumably by law-related groups only; however, this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. “Law-related” means a group comprising substantially (at least 75%) of attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, law librarians, law students, or court employees.

The form should also be used for non-University persons or organizations (including representatives who are currently enrolled students) wishing to use law school facilities and/or conduct solicitation in the building. Non-university persons or organizations (including student representatives) may not engage in solicitation on law school property as defined by UALR University-Wide Administrative Memorandum 715 (including conduct or sale of bar prep courses/materials), without express permission from the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

Upon receipt of your application, it will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs. You will be notified by email within 48 hours (or 2 business days) of your request. Persons or organizations that utilize law school facilities must comply with all UA Little Rock policies and procedures and instructions from administrative officials. If you have an urgent need, please contact Rebecca Nugent at 501-916-5447.

Reservations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.  No groups will be permitted to hold events at the Law School during reading periods or during final exams.

Add Your Event to the Bowen Calendar

Direct Booking a Room (for Bowen students/faculty/staff)

Reservations are three (3) hours or less.

1. Log into CampusGroups using your UA Little Rock account

2. Click “Room Reservations” box.

3. Select “Calendar Date” (far right) and choose the date of your event/meeting.

4. Select any other filters for room requirements. Suggestion: Room type will help narrow your search.

5. All rooms are displayed on the screen. Scroll down to find the room you wish or the room available at the time you wish.

6. Select your time slot on the room you have chosen.

7. Complete the details to confirm your reservation.

8. Click “Book Space.”

9. Complete the Room Reservation Form

10. Save your completed form as a PDF if you wish.

11. Click “Submit.”

12. Your reservation is now pending approval. You will be notified once it is approved.

Bowen Student Organization Officers

1. Log into CampusGroups.

2. Select Manage Group.

3. Select Events.

4. Create Event.

5. Complete necessary fields for event.

6. Section #3 “Where.”

a. Select on-campus room reservation.

b. Input # of attendees.

c. Click “Book Rooms.”

7. See available spaces, find room you wish, and click “Book.”

8. Finish remaining details on form and click “Create Event.”

This does not mean your room is reserved. Your request still goes through the approval process. You will be notified of approval.

Outside Groups/Guests

1. Visit CampusGroups.

2. If you have a UA Little Rock account, sign in. If you do not have a UA Little Rock Account, select “Sign in Below,” followed by “Create an Account,” and then “Sign Up.”

Campus Groups Sign-In screenshot for non-student users Campus Groups Create an Account Screenshot for non-student users Campus Groups Sign-Up Screenshot for non-student users

3. You will receive a 6 digit verification code via email

4. Enter the code, which will direct you to the CampusGroups main page.

5. Select “Groups” icon, followed by “All Groups.”

6. Search group to find the “UA Little Rock – Bowen School of Law Guest” Group.

7. Select guest group & click join.

Campus Groups Join Guest Groups Screenshot for non-student users

a. Validation pending

b. Receive email saying added as officer to guest group

Once you have been added to the guest group, use the same steps as “Student Organization Officer ” (above) to book your event.