Alumni Admissions Council

The Bowen Alumni Admissions Council (AAC) is a network of Bowen graduates who volunteer to further Bowen’s core values of professionalism, public service, and access to justice. As part of Bowen’s Admissions 360 Initiative, AAC members assist the law school in building pathways from underserved communities into the legal profession.

The AAC focuses its efforts on two areas:

  1. Encouraging high school students to discover career opportunities in law; and
  2. Promoting legal education to non-traditional students, working adults, and others whose best chance of attending law school is a part-time program.

Arkansas has a population of over 3 million people; however, only approximately 400 Arkansans apply to law school annually. The lack of interest in the legal profession is compounding Arkansas’s access to justice issues, especially in rural counties. By serving on the Council, members become ambassadors for the profession and the law school by educating Arkansans about the unmet legal needs of the state and the service work of the legal profession.

Serving on the council enables alumni to stay actively involved with the Bowen family and to set an example as successful and active community members. To become a member of the Alumni Admissions Council, please complete the volunteer application below.

Alumni Admissions Council Resources
AAC Recruitment Guide for Part-Time Program

High School to Law School Resource Guide
Balancing Federal and State Authority Lesson Plan
Balancing Federal and State Authority Presentation – PowerPoint
Balancing Federal and State Authority Presentation – PDF

Alumni Admissions Council Volunteer Form

Are you able to annually attend two AAC meetings and perform two hours of community outreach?(Required)
May we publish your name as a current AAC volunteer on the AAC Website? Alumni will have their full name and year of graduation published?(Required)