Veterans Legal Services Clinic

Veterans Legal Services Clinic

The Veterans Legal Services Clinic provides Bowen law students a high-quality, service-oriented learning experience while helping Arkansas veterans access benefits available to them under federal law.

Arkansas is home to more than 202,000 veterans, of whom more than 30,000 reside in Pulaski County. The Veterans Legal Services Clinic seeks to honor those who have served by providing client-centered and trauma-informed advocacy.

Students in the clinic represent former military service members with VA appeals related to disability compensation and reconsideration of discharge status. Additionally, the clinic serves as a resource center for veterans and their families throughout Arkansas. Finally, the clinic engages in community education and connects veterans to attorneys and organizations who have agreed to provide assistance for free or at a reduced rate. Students interested in taking the clinic can find more information here or by contacting Professor Feldmann (

If you would like your case considered for selection in the clinic or placement with a volunteer attorney, please contact us at (501) 916-5404 to request an application form. Please understand that completing this form does not guarantee that the clinic can take your case. Therefore, you must continue to attend all court dates and meet all VA-imposed deadlines and other responsibilities while we are reviewing your completed form.

Our Services

  • Disability Compensation Appeals
    The clinic represents veterans in appeals to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. We advocate for veterans who suffered a traumatic injury, including military sexual trauma, during service and who are seeking VA disability compensation as a result. Request assistance with a disability compensation appeal.
  • Discharge Upgrade Assistance
    For some veterans, a less than fully honorable discharge is connected to Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) or other trauma-related condition that resulted from their military service. We help these veterans with upgrade petitions to the discharge review boards and by providing self-help information on our resources page. Request assistance with a discharge upgrade.
  • Pro Bono Referrals & Resource Center
    Through our Pro Bono Services Center, we assist veterans with issues beyond our in-house expertise. We provide a number of free resources through our website. Additionally, we refer veterans to lawyers and organizations who may be able to help them for free or at a low cost.