VLSC ACE Pro Bono Recognition Program

Our volunteers work hard and we want to recognize them for it! The VLSC ACE Pro Bono Recognition Program has three tiers of participation.

ALPHA Volunteers – ACE ALPHAS have accepted 7 or more referrals per year:

Jeremy Wann, Attorney at Law | Website

BRAVO Volunteers – ACE BRAVOS have accepted 2 – 6 referrals per year:

Vanessa Cash Adams, AR Law Partners, PLLC | Website

Shannon Davis, Davis Legal | Website

Jennifer O’Kelley, O’Kelley Law Firm, PLLC | Website

CHARLIE Volunteers – ACE CHARLIES have accepted 1 referral per year:

Jacob Fair, Attorney at Law

Joseph M. Kraska, Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon & Galchus, P.C. | Website

Tabitha Lee, Delta Justice Center | LinkedIn

Mickey Stevens, Skelton & Stevens Legal Group | Website

To volunteer: I Volunteer for Veterans

*The current ACE Status period ends 12/31/2023.