Visiting Another Law School

First, decide where you want to apply. Information about other law schools can be found online. Or, you can find some law school catalogs in the Law Library’s reference collection.

Determine when the school will accept your application and what deadlines apply. Some schools have strict application deadlines.

Send appropriate letters of good standing and permission to take courses to law schools. Use the Good Standing Verification form to give the registrar the following information:

  • Name of the person to receive the letter of good standing
  • Full address of the school
  • Signed consent to release information form
  • Any other special information that the school requires

Once accepted into a school, provide the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs with a completed Petition for Pre-Approval for Study Abroad or Visiting Another School listing all of the courses you plan to take. Err on the side of inclusion. Include any course you may be interested in taking.

The Assistant Dean’s office will send the letters directly to the schools. You will receive a copy in your student mail box.

After finishing the program, arrange for an official transcript to be sent to UA Little Rock when you have finished your courses. Fill out the necessary forms from the host institution.  Pay any bills and remove any “holds” on your account.

The Associate Dean’s office will review your transcript and award the appropriate credit. You will be notified by letter.

These procedures do not cover financial aid. Financial aid may have different deadlines and requirements. A Financial Aid Advisor is available at the law school on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. If you have questions, contact financial aid by calling 501-916-3035. The primary office for law school financial aid is on the university campus in Administration South, and Bowen students may visit there anytime.