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There is no question surrounding the monetary value of a law degree. That monetary value may be reduced, however, by the amount of student loan debt one incurs, the interest rate of that loan, and the time required to repay it.

Students at the William H. Bowen School of Law graduate with some of the lowest law school debt in the nation. Likewise, National Jurist preLaw Magazine has consistently ranked Bowen as a Best Value Law School while ranking it as a leader in many areas including public service and practical skills training. In ranking schools, the magazine considers a number of academic and financial variables, including the law school’s price of tuition, student debt accumulation, employment success, bar passage rate, and cost of living.

Accruing less debt for a quality, experience-based legal education means being more valuable to employers, having less debt (and interest) to repay, and repaying it sooner – allowing you to pursue your dream career, achieve a work-life balance, and help provide access to justice for all.