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UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law
Legal Clinic, Room 105
1201 McMath Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202-5142
Office: 501-916-5492
Fax: 501-324-9911

Legal Clinic Professors and Staff

Kelly Terry

Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Clinical Programs, Ben J. Altheimer Professor of Law, Director of the Public Service Externship Program and Pro Bono Opportunities, 501-916-5465

Cheryl Bigelow

Higher Education Institution Coordinator, 501-916-5492

Dylan Gibson

Higher Education Institution Coordinator, 501-916-5404

Tiffany Kell

Mediation Program Coordinator, 501-916-5430

Beth Levi

Instructor of Clinical Education, Litigation Clinic Supervising Attorney, 501-916-5438

Alicia Mitchell

Assistant Professor of Clinical Education, Tax Clinic Director, 501-916-5444

Kelly Browe Olson

Associate Professor, Mediation Program Director, 501-916-5451

Suzanne Penn

Assistant Professor of Clinical Education, Director of the Litigation Clinic, Delta Experience Director and Delta Clinic, 501-916-5455

Amy Pritchard

Assistant Professor of Clinical Education, Director of the Consumer Protection Clinic and the Rural Practice Incubator Project, 501-916-5457

Larry Rhodes

Higher Education Institution Coordinator, 501-916-5424

Kim Vu-Dinh

Assistant Professor of Clinical Education, Business Innovations Clinic Director, 501-916-5468