Professional Selling Minor

The UALR Marketing and  Advertising Department offers a minor in Professional Selling with a business-to-business (B2B) perspective. Students are awarded the Minor in Professional Selling upon completion of a four-course sequence of sales and sales management courses. Practical, hands-on, and taught by faculty with B2B sales experience, the sales minor program is supported by  local and national firms who, not coincidentally, hire UALR graduates every year.

Minor Requirements (12 hours)

MKTG 3350 Principles of Marketing
Introduction to the structure and functions of the marketing system of economy and to the marketing practices of organizations. Includes examination of the environments of marketing decision making, marketing institutions and agencies, and marketing practices of organizations.

MKTG 3353 Professional Selling
An examination of the requirements and responsibilities of professional sales reps, including knowledge and skill requirements, market development, preparation, effective sales communications, and customer relations.

MKTG 4351 Sales Management
Administration of the professional sales force. Includes recruitment, selection, training, organization, motivation, compensation, and control of sales staff.

MKTG 4355 Advanced Professional Selling
Advanced techniques of salesmanship, field application of selling techniques, improving communications skills. Key focus is key account selling and relationship management. Problem solving as the basis of consultative selling. Business-to-Business emphasis.

Admission: Anyone admitted to a UALR bachelor’s degree program may obtain this minor.

Graduation: The Sales Minor will be conferred upon graduation with a baccalaureate degree, and after completion of the requirements for the minor with a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Courses are structured and offered so that with planning, the program should be completed within two semesters.