Tools and Tips for Online Classes

The transition to online learning is different for every student. No matter your experience, here are some tips for success:

  1. Stay connected
    1. Communicate with friends and find study buddies
    2. Communicate regularly with instructors, classmates, advisors, and support staff
  2. Stick to a schedule
    1. Break up your schedule into manageable chunks and allow time for you to complete assignments
    2. Remember instructors are available for virtual office hours and may follow up for one-on-one virtual meetings
    3. Learning remote means managing multiple deadlines, which can sneak up on you
  3. Replicate the classroom experience when possible
    1. Take notes as if you were in class, this will increase active learning
    2. Turn off notifications or silence your devices, and refrain from using social media and other distractions
    3. Try to find ways to remain engaged – ask questions and double-check your understanding of assignments and deadlines with your instructors and classmates
    4. Inform any housemates or family members of your “Do Not Disturb” working hours
  4. Take care of yourself
    1. Be sure to take frequent study breaks, exercise when possible, and maintain your positive energy levels through food and sleep to help maintain focus

Additional resources for online learning assistance and tips