Learning Commons and Academic Assistance Centers

The Learning Commons hosts four academic assistance centers that can aid in a variety of courses and skill development areas all located in one convenient location on the first floor of the Ottenheimer Library. In this space, students are welcome to use our computers, group study rooms, dry-erase boards, desks, tables, and hang-out areas.

Hours, as well as virtual services, vary for each academic assistance center. For more information about the Learning Commons, please call 501-916-3966 or email learningcommons@ualr.edu.

Below you will find more information about the services offered by each center.

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Communication Skills Center

Take the panic out of Public Speaking! The Communication Skills Center is here to help with all stages of the public speaking process from brainstorming content to outlining your ideas, to actually rehearsing in their private rehearsal room. We can even help you manage anxiety from public speaking. The CSC also helps with research, Powerpoint/Prezi design, and facilitating mock interviews.

Email: communicationskillcenter@ualr.edu

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Mathematics Assistance Center

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with your math coursework? Or maybe you just need a little bit of clarification on a problem? No fears, the Math Assistance Center is here! The MAC has a long-standing history here at UA Little Rock providing support to students as they navigate various math courses. Come meet with our awesome math tutors to help you build the confidence you need to ace those math tests!

Email: wkbarker@ualr.edu

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University Writing Center

Got writer’s block? Whether you are writing the world’s next best seller or just trying to finish that paper for class. The UWC has got you covered! Meet with a tutor who can help with any stage of the writing process or submit your writing to the University Writing Center Online Writing Lab (OWL) to get asynchronous feedback on your work. The UWC’s primary goal is to help students develop strategies to overcome their writing challenges.

Email: elcox@ualr.edu

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Trojan Tutoring: Tutoring for Intro-Level Courses

Introducing Trojan Tutoring! This service provides additional support to intro-level courses that are not currently serviced by existing centers. Trojan Tutors support students who are in need of additional guidance to achieve their goals. This service focuses on introducing students to study skills and learning strategies that can help them improve their learning.

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Email: trojantutoring@ualr.edu

We have tutors available for these subjects:
Introduction to Astronomy
Physics 1 & 2
General Chemistry 1 & 2
Preparation General Chemistry
Fundamentals of GOB Chemistry
Organic Chemistry 1 & 2
Physical Geology
Earth and the Environment
History of Civilization 1 & 2
US History to 1877
US History Since 1877
Ethics & Society
Psychology and the Human Experience
Intro to Sociology
Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2
Biological Concepts
Science of Biology

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