If you cannot make it to campus for an in-person conference, you can submit a paper electronically to the Online Writing Lab (OWL). An intern at the University Writing Center will review and comment on your paper within 48 hours once we have received enough information about your assignment to proceed with a conference.

To submit a paper to the OWL, make sure that the document is saved as a .docx file and email the document as an email attachment to  In the body of the email, please include the following:

  • your T-number
  • your major or area of study
  • your class rank (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate)
  • the assignment sheet, if the document is an assignment
  • the due date of the assignment, if the document is an assignment
  • any personal concerns you may have about the writing

Please note that we do not edit line-by-line or word-by-word. We look at organization, flow, and content of the paper. Then we look for patterns of grammatical error but do not correct every error.