UWC – Online

If you cannot make it to campus for an in-person session, you can submit a paper electronically to the Online Writing Lab (OWL).

We offer two completely online services for our students:

  • You can submit a project on this form by uploading your file. A staff member will review and comment on your paper within 48 hours once we have received enough information about your assignment to proceed with a conference.
    Note: We do not accept thesis or dissertation chapters or manuscripts, or documents of more than 25 pages on our OWL. For thesis or dissertations, your adviser or chair is the authority on your content, and the feedback you may need is beyond our level of expertise. In addition, long documents can be taxing on the energy of our staff members, who are peer tutors (i.e., they are students too) with a substantial amount of intellectual work beyond their service to the university via the writing center. Finally, long documents make it challenging for peer tutors to focus on the issues you may be most concerned with in your writing. For these reasons, we ask that you schedule an in-person session or video chat session so that we can accommodate you by having a conversation about your writing concerns, which will cut out the guesswork we would encounter otherwise.
  • You can attend a virtual writing conference (video chat) via Blackboard Collaborate. Schedule a session by calling us at (501) 569-8343 or emailing our director, Caleb James, at cajames@ualr.edu.


The OWL can be accessed on Blackboard as well. You must enroll in our Blackboard Organization by following these instructions.