About Us

Our primary goal is to help writers develop strategies for meeting their writing challenges. Although we provide feedback on specific texts, writers leave sessions with a sense of how to solve additional writing challenges in the future.

The University Writing Center (UWC) is dedicated to serving writers of all ability levels to help them improve their skills at all stages of the writing process. We emphasize writing and the teaching of writing for UA Little Rock students and members of the community. The UWC provides a comfortable place to write, to receive training in working with writers, to use tools and resources in a community environment, and receive encouragement. The UWC serves as a center of encouragement, development, and growth in the pursuit of excellence in rhetoric and composition through individual assistance.

Some of the UWC’s goals include:

  • Building a community of writers and interns by emphasizing collaboration, independence, and interdependence.
  • Training tutors to work with writers at all stages of the writing process while promoting writer responsibility.
  • Providing high-quality guidance and organization to clients for long-term writing improvement.
  • Promoting positive personal attitudes about writing and academic achievement through writing growth.
  • Establishing a writing environment which consistently encourages honesty, integrity, personal development, and responsibility for writers at all ability levels.
  • Promoting writing as a personal and professional experience.
  • Supporting the policies and practices of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing and UA Little Rock.