Recycling Tips

  • Locate the recycling bins in your office, department and/or building to determine what types of materials are being accepted. UA Little Rock recycles all types of paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles from each building but each person consuming those types of materials must be responsible for sorting and disposing of in the correct recycling bin. The custodial staff cannot be responsible for sorting the waste coming from your desk, please do your part.
  • Other items such as printer cartridges, batteries, electronics, bulbs and other items purchased with state funds for the office are being recycled on your campus daily, please make sure that those items go back to the Physical Plant for proper disposal.
  • Buy post-consumer content recycled copy paper for the office.
  • Make your printer’s toner last; if you’re printing rough drafts or documents for internal purposes, change the printer’s settings to economy mode and avoid printing in color if possible. Print and copy on both sides of the sheet.
  • Remove yourself from junk mail lists. Before tossing out junk e-mail, call the company and ask that your name be removed from its mailing list. Have contacts email you instead. Almost 50 percent of all catalogs are never opened, yet nearly 62 million trees are destroyed and 28 billion gallons of water are used to produce them every year
  • Compost your leaves and yard debris or bag up for your city to pick-up curbside. If that service is not available, take them to a yard-debris recycler in your area.