Compost Bucket Program

The Campus Garden compost bucket program began in Summer 2020 after our directors and former student Cory Bates completed the construction of a new compost bin. The three-stage aerobic compost bin was modeled after our neighbor garden’s successful design in the Centennial Garden at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

compost bins

We purchased 65 U-line one-gallon buckets to make the collection process easy for students, faculty, and staff to take the bucket home, collect food scraps, then drop off the full bucket in one convenient location accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Simply drive or walk by the Campus Garden entrance to pick up and drop off your bucket from our compost bucket shelf located at our gate and in front of the University Police station at 3340 Fair Park Boulevard, directly across from U.S. Pizza.

compost bucket shelf


What goes in the compost bin?

  • Food scraps from fruits, vegetables, cheese, grains (excluding avocado pits)
  • Coffee grounds and filters
  • Tea bags (no staples)

     (note: please do not seal the locking lids)

Organic matter collected decomposes naturally and provides the Campus Garden with a nutrient-dense mixture, replenishing the soil of lost minerals and nutrients used by our year-round vegetable production.

compost in bin

For questions about the composting program or to learn more about how to get involved and work with us, email or follow us on any of our social media sites.

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