Become A Campus Gardener!

The Campus Garden would not be possible without the help of volunteers! There are always plenty of opportunities for participation at the Garden.

Don’t worry… you don’t have to weed ALL of the time…

Become a Campus Garden Alliance member

Lifetime membership in the Campus Garden Alliance is a one-time cost of $20. That’s it… for life! Simply contact the CGA president, Lily Shaw, to get more details about becoming a member.

Join the Garden Alliance mailing list

Want to hear about Campus Garden events? Join our mailing list to find out about tours, workshops, workdays, and everything else happening at the Garden.

Follow these instructions to be added to GARDENALLIANCE@UALR.EDU mailing list:

To subscribe to GARDENALLIANCE@UALR.EDU, send an email message (from the email account you wish to subscribe) to with the following text in the body (not the subject) of the message:

subscribe GARDENALLIANCE <your first name> <your last name>

Example: subscribe GARDENALLIANCE John Doe