Procurement Training

To continue to support our campus, in Workday, Procurement is offering these upcoming training sessions. Please take advantage of these incredible pieces of training to continue to improve your Workday knowledge. All requisition training is scheduled by appointment. Please contact Tierra Hutley at 916-5729 to schedule your appointment.

General Procurement Office Hours- Second Tuesday of each month 1:00-3:00 PM
P-Card Training-Every month on the third Thursday at 2:00 PM

Please click the link below to schedule your training:

Expense (Cardholders [T-Card & CTS]) Card Travel Training
This training has been created to inform/update all Travel Card and CTS Liaison cardholders on all policies, processes, and procedures that utilize a university-issued credit card.

Please click the link below to schedule your training:

General Traveler Travel Training & Non-Travel Reimbursements
This training is designed for the general and everyday traveler. In this training, you will learn how to complete the proper process when traveling on the university’s behalf. You will also learn how to correctly complete a Spend Authorization, Expense Report, and newly required steps and documentation that have been implemented with the use of Workday.

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