Workday Student

Transforming the Student Experience

Workday Student will be the primary student administration system used to support the processes and services associated with a student’s progression from admission through graduation, including student records, registration, course rosters, grading, advising, and transcripts. Workday Student will be used by all faculty and students and is easily accessible via a mobile app for Android and iOS.  Learn more about some of the key benefits.

The Student modules will be built into the same Workday you use today – no new login is needed for faculty and staff. Workday unifies Financial Management, Human Resources, Planning, and Student data processes into a single platform, creating instantaneous access to data that spans multiple disciplines. Read more about Workday Student. 

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We are currently in the “Architect & Configure” phase of project implementation where institutions are working closely with Project One leads to configure Workday to meet our individual needs.

Two-year institutions are scheduled to begin deployment of Workday Student functionality in Fall of 2023, with four-year institutions beginning their deployment in Summer 2024.

Workday Student Impact

Students will use Workday to:

  • Register for classes
  • View your schedule
  • View your financial aid
  • Pay your bill
  • View your academic progress and grades

Faculty will use Workday to:

  • Review your teaching schedule
  • View class rosters
  • Enter final grades
  • Review advisees

Staff will use Workday to:

  • Find or update student information
  • Complete tasks for admissions, enrollment, records, or financial aid
  • Support students with self-service tasks

Alma Mater University (AMU) Demo Videos

Today, we’re excited to preview coming attractions by introducing Alma Mater University (AMU). AMU is a fictional university developed by Workday to allow users to explore features and gain insight into how key processes may function within Workday Student.

Using AMU, the Project One Student team has produced videos demonstrating the tasks, functions, and dashboards that may be available, depending on whether you are a student, an instructor, or an advisor.

It’s important to remember that AMU does not contain UA System-specific data. This model university was used for demonstration purposes and may not represent our final configuration when implementation is complete.

The AMU video series and many other Workday Student resources are available on our UA Little Rock Workday Student webpage or the UA System intranet.