Workday Learning

Workday Learning has a new and improved user interface! This update allows you to view more information about courses and lessons via larger content cards and easily toggle between Learning Home, My Learning, and Discover thanks to a new sidebar menu.

Link to a larger image of the new user interface.

What’s New: Sidebar menu to navigate between Learning Home, personalized content in My Learning, and the full content catalog in Discover. Larger cards displaying more information about the program, lesson, or course.

What is housed in Workday Learning?

All Workday training materials created by Project One are accessible in Workday Learning. The Introduction to Workday Learning QRG has been updated to explain the new features.

Download the Introduction to Workday Learning QRG

Download the Enrolling In and Completing Courses QRG

Check out the short demo video below on the new Workday Learning!

Workday Learning: Introduction to Learning

The demo video highlights how the new Learner Home interface, which debuted for the UA System on 6/18/21.

How do I find training applicable to my job?

New Learning programs based on role have been added to Workday Learning! These programs contain quick reference guides for the most commonly used Workday tasks by these roles. New programs include:

  • Manager 101
  • Department Head 101
  • Requisition Requester 101
  • Pcard Holder 101
  • Expense Data Entry Specialist 101
  • Employment Coordinator 101

These programs can be found in Workday Learning in the Highlights section or by searching by program name in the Browse Learning section, accessed via the Discover tab.

How do I access Workday Learning?

All employees have the Workday Learning app on their Workday home page; no action is required to have the app appear.

  1. To access Workday Learning, log into Workday as you do each day!
  2. From the Workday home page, click the Workday Learning app.

What other Workday resources are available to me?

The UA System Intranet is accessible to all UA System employees. This site provides users across all UA System institutions one place to reference for the most up-to-date information about Project One and Workday. Bookmark this site to have easy access to resources such as Workday Help Desk contact information and the latest Workday news and updates! The Intranet is continuously updated to provide the latest Workday release information and links to new and updated training materials.

Whom do I contact with questions?

For Workday Learning questions, please contact your institution’s Workday Support team.