Goal Five

UALR will strengthen and support the human resources and infrastructure necessary to fulfill its mission and vision.

Objective 1: UALR will recruit, hire, and support faculty and staff in who align with its commitments to student success, research, and diversity.

    Strategy 1: Seek support for compensating faculty and staff at competitive levels in comparison with appropriate benchmarks.

    Strategy 2: Ensure that hiring processes are designed and implemented to achieve diverse applicant pools and the employment of faculty and staff who add value to the student success and research missions of the university.

    Strategy 3: Invest in training and professional development for faculty and staff to ensure their capacity to make significant contributions in the arenas of student success and research.

Objective 2: UALR will maintain and support an instructional environment conducive to high-quality educational experiences using cutting-edge technology and equipment.

    Strategy 1: Systematically fund technical infrastructure, classroom and laboratory technology, faculty, department, and college office technology, and specialized, non­ digital/non-electronic equipment to ensure high-quality educational experiences.

    Strategy 2: Develop and implement a classroom upgrade plan.

    Strategy 3: Provide opportunities to integrate instructional technology into the learning environment and the professional development necessary to facilitate the integration.

Objective 3: UALR will implement best practices in facilities management that foster a safe, functional, attractive, sustainable, and accessible campus environment.

    Strategy 1: Seek LEED certification for new capital projects.

    Strategy 2: Assess deferred maintenance needs with a timeline and financing plan for addressing those needs.

Objective 4: UALR will support its mission and vision through a comprehensive branding campaign.

    Strategy 1: Conduct unit-level reviews of print and electronic communications for conformity with the revised graphic standards.

    Strategy 2: Implement a plan for monitoring the web content of departments and other campus units in order to keep content up-to-date.

Objective 5: UALR will pursue the financial resources necessary to support its priorities.

    Strategy 1: Implement cost-containment initiatives and resource reallocations, and match available resources to strategic priorities.

    Strategy 2: Employ a broad-based approach to tap all categories of potential funds ­ state appropriations, tuition and fees, grants and contracts, private support, and congressional earmarks.