Search Committee

The following are members of the search committee for the Dean of the College of Social Sciences & Communication:

  • Michael Schwartz (Chair) – Dean William H. Bowen School of Law; Professor
  • Doug Krile – Executive Director of the Arkansas Broadcasters Association
  • Olaf Hoerschelmann – Mass Communication; Director and Professor
  • David Montague – Criminal Justice; Associate Professor
  • Robert Corwyn – Psychology; Professor
  • Avinash Thombre – Speech Communication; Associate Professor
  • Sherry Rankins-Robertson – Rhetoric and Writing; Assistant Professor
  • Sarah Beth Estes – Sociology and Anthropology; Associate Professor
  • Peggy Scranton – Political Science; Professor
  • Vickie Edwards – Institute of Government/MPA; Assistant Professor
  • Mary Waldo – KLRE/KUAR; Development Associate
  • Mike Kirk – Director of Counseling Services
  • Laurie Ann Ross – Office of Development
  • Carlos Sepulveda – Economics Senior Student; SGA Chief of Staff