Schedule for NCAA Self-Study 2007-2008 (Revised 2-19-08)

Activity Completion Date
Orientation Videoconference Oct 5, 2007
Launch of Self-Study Web Site Oct 8, 2007
Determination of Data Required for Self-Study Process Oct 10, 2007
Organizational Subcommittee Meetings Completed Oct 15, 2007
Data Collection Completed Nov 1, 2007
Steering Committee and Subcommittee Review of UALR and NCAA® Reports from First-Cycle Self-Study Process Completed Nov 1, 2007
Meetings with Faculty, Staff, Students, Athletics Personnel, and Campus Leadership for Initial Input Completed Nov 1, 2007
Initial Subcommittee Drafts of Responses to Self-Study Items and Related Institutional Plans for Improvement Completed Jan 15, 2008
Steering Committee Review of Initial Subcommittee Drafts against NCAA® Operating Principles Completed and Returned to Subcommittees Feb 1, 2008
Second Drafts from Subcommittees Completed and Submitted to Steering Committee and Subcommittees, for Review, and Chief Report Writer, for Initial Drafting of Entire Report Feb 15, 2008
Steering Committee Review of Initial Subcommittee Drafts Completed. Feb 29, 2008
Subcommittees Submit Revisions to Steering Committee and Chief Report Writer Mar 10, 2008
Rough Draft of Entire Report Posted on Self-Study Web Site for Dissemination on Campus Mar 12, 2008
Open Hearings on Entire Report with Faculty, Staff, Students, and Campus Leadership Completed Mar 17-20, 2008
Deadline for Input from Campus Community on Draft of Entire Report Mar 21, 2008
Steering Committee Review of 3/12 Draft Completed Mar 21, 2008
Plans for Improvement submitted to Chancellor and Director of Athletics for institutional approval Mar 21, 2008
Penultimate Self-Study Draft Posted on Web for Campus Input Apr 7, 2008
NCAA Self-Study Steering Committee meeting, noon Apr 15, 2008
Deadline for Campus Input Apr 21, 2008
Steering Committee Submits Recommended Revisions Resulting from Campus Input Apr 25, 2008
Final Edits and Revisions of Self-Study Report Completed May 1, 2008
Final Self-Study Report Posted on Self-Study Web Site May 1, 2008
Final Self-Study Report Submitted to the NCAA May 1, 2008
Peer-Review Team Site Visit Fall 2008
Certification Decision Released via Self-Study Web Site and Press Release Winter 2009