Graduate In 4 Years

It typically takes four years of college-level coursework to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.  Because a bachelor’s degree usually contains 120 credit hours, we recommend students to complete 30-36 credit hours each academic year (fall, spring, and summer) for four years.

  • Take 15 hours each fall and spring semester or take 12 hours each fall and spring semester and 6 hours during the summer.  See graph below!

  • During your first year, begin your degree planning with your academic advisor.
  • Choose a major within the first 45 credit hours; changing your major may alter your planned graduation date.
  • Utilize the Undergraduate Catalog to review degree requirements for your major.
  • Monitor your own progress using Degree Works and seek advice from your advisor to stay on track.
  • Schedule your required advising appointment early in the semester and register on your assigned eligibility date.
  • Enroll in available courses needed for your major, recognizing that available courses may not be available at the time/semester in which you would like to take a course(s).
  • Maintain good academic standing as determined by the department and college offering your major.