Student Success Workshop Series

Beginning Spring 2017, the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising, the federally funded TRiO programs Student Support Services and Ronald E. McNair, UALR Works, and Cooperative Education Internship and Career Services joined forces to create the Student Success Workshop Series.

This collaboration of departments and resources allows for a series of workshops that are aimed at helping students succeed in their college careers.


Can’t attend?

All workshops are available for two weeks after the Wednesday workshop facilitation. Follow instructions below.

1. Go to BlackBoard myOrganizations page.

2. Type “SSWS” into the Organization Search.

3. This will take you to a page where you can enter the “SSWS” org and “quick enroll”!

Tues, Sept. 5 | DSC-D
Wed, Sept. 6 | DSC-D
Getting Myself Together…Am I Ready For The Semester? Physical and Mental Fitness
Learn of mental and physical fitness strategies to start the semester off right!
Facilitator: Dr. Mike Kirk Director, Director of Counseling Services
Facilitator: Naomi Fletcher, Coordinator of Fitness
Tues, Sept. 12 | DSC-D
Wed, Sept. 13 | DSC-D
What Is My Major?
Career Exploration & Goals
Take and interpret career assessment results.  Learn how these results relate to declaring your UA Little Rock major and confirming your appropriate academic advisor.  Research career salaries and learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. career goals.
Facilitator: Yvette Palmer, Academic Advisor in Undergraduate Academic Advising
Facilitator: Aresh Assadi, Counselor in Counseling Services
Tues, Sept. 19 | DSC-D
Wed, Sept. 20 | DSC-D
Who Am I, Really?
Study Strategies for College Success
Complete personality, learning styles, and brain dominance assessments to discover more about self. Determine how to actualize assessment results for studying, reading, note-taking, and test preparation.
Facilitator: Brandon Scott, SSS Academic Mentor/Administrative Specialist
Tues, Sept. 26 | DSC Leadership Lounge
Wed, Sept. 27 | DSC-D
How Can I Get More Money For College?
Financing Your College Education
Learn of UALR, Arkansas, and US Scholarships/Grants. Understand more about UALR Financial Aid and Student Account Policies. Learn how to write a scholarship essay.
Facilitator: Carlia Smith, Director Financial Aid
Facilitator: Allison Holland, Director Writing Center
Tues, Oct. 3 | DSC Leadership Lounge
Wed, Oct. 4 | DSC-D
How Do I Keep My Money?
Managing Your Budget, Credit, and Purchases
Learn of best personal banking strategies and how to make smart decisions about personal purchases. Learn how to establish credit, understand the meaning of “good” credit scores, and how to retrieve personal credit reports.
Facilitator: Avestine Ward, PEAW Coordinator, Real Estate Broker and Certified Credit Counselor
Tues, Oct. 10 | DSC-D
Wed, Oct. 11 | DSC-D
Can I Just Say What I’m Thinking?
Professional Communication in the Workplace
In a professional work-setting do you know how to escalate a complaint, respond to an email, and/or how to respond to workplace requests when you are already overwhelmed? Learn how to respond to these professionally to be prepared for your career position!
Facilitator: Cassandra Woods, HR Training & Dev Manager and Title IX Deputy Director
Wed, Oct. 18 | DSC-D How Do I Establish a Professional Digital Footprint?
Professionally Navigating Social Media
Discover new Google applications, learn proper email and social media boundaries.
Facilitator: Daniel Spillers, Information Technology Services
Facilitator: Meaghan Milliorn, Online Marketing Manager, Office of Communications
Tues, Oct. 24 | DSC-D
Wed, Oct. 25 | DSC-D
How Do I Make Stress My Friend?
Understanding and Managing Stress
Learn the physical and mental effects of stress, stress management strategies, and a new perspective on how to think about stress.
Facilitator: Sharon Downs, Asst Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Inclusion & Wellness/Assoc Dean for Division Strategy
Facilitator: Rikki Turner, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Auxiliary Services and Senior Budget Officer
Tues, Oct. 31 | DSC-D
Wed, Nov. 1 | DSC-D
Am I “Career Ready?”
Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Interviewing, and Negotiating Career Salaries
Learn the basics of searching for a career position: developing a resume and cover letter, applying for career positions through career applications, interviewing, and negotiating salaries.
Facilitator: Dr. Sarah Beth Estes, Executive Director Community Connections Center
Tues, Nov. 7 | DSC-D
Wed, Nov. 8 | DSC-D
How Do I Say This and Talk It Out?
Having Difficult Conversations
Learn how to handle difficult conversations with professors, family members, coworkers, or anyone you’ve ever wanted to just “tell them what you were really thinking.”
Facilitator: Dr. Kristen McIntyre Assoc Professor, Dir ACOM 1300 & Communication Skill Center (CSC) & Co-Facilitator Service-Learning Academy
Tues, Nov. 14 | DSC-D
Wed, Nov. 15 | DSC-D
Passing Finals…Am I Ready?
Ensure Your Success By Studying Now!
Review UALR’s Final Exam Schedule and learn of best test-taking strategies to prepare for finals.
Facilitator: Avestine Ward, PEAW Coordinator, Real Estate Broker and Certified Credit Counselor