Free parking is available in the Parking Deck during the Institute weeks.  The parking exit arm will be raised to allow free exit from the Parking Deck.

The Parking Deck can be accessed from 28th Street by turning south on Campus Drive West (which is one-way) and following the signs. At the stop sign, turn left, drive one block, and turn right.

To access the Parking Deck from Fair Park Blvd., turn west onto 32nd Street, drive one block, and turn left.

Handicapped Parking: To park in a handicapped designated parking slot, participant must have either a state-issued handicapped hang-tag or license plate.  No Exceptions.

Campus Drive West and Campus Drive East are one-way streets.  Please check the APSI signs located on campus.

Security patrols all parking lots several times a day, and tickets are issued for parking in non-designated parking areas and for expired meters in the metered parking lots.  The participant is responsible for paying the ticket(s).

Please be aware that no one can drive through the center of the UA Little Rock Campus.