Minor in Photography

The minor in Photography challenges students to perfect their photographic skills, both as a means of artistic self-expression and a practical skill with many applications. The Photography Minor consists of 15 hours in studio art, which include:

  • ARST 3370: Introduction to Photography
  • ARST 3371: Intermediate Photography

and three courses from the following upper level electives:

  • ARST 4370: Professional Photo Techniques
  • ARST 4371: Alternative Photo Methods
  • ARST 4372: Digital Color Photography
  • ARST 4373: Advanced Problems in Photography
  • ARST 4374: Large Format Photography (View Camera)
  • ARST 4315: Advanced Problems in Design

No grade less than C will be accepted in any art course required within any art major or minor.

For a complete list of art department courses and descriptions, you can view a PDF version of the Undergraduate Catalog at this link.