Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Art

The BA in Art is a liberal arts degree that has three tracks: studio art, art history, and secondary education (art education). The studio art and art history tracks each have a 45-credit-hour major. The BA in Art requires a minor, which can be any minor offered by the university, except the studio art minor. The art education track is a 64 credit hour major with a minor in secondary education.

Note: Current students who have declared majors in either the Bachelor of Art in Studio Art or the Bachelor of Art in Art History may continue to complete requirements and graduate under the catalog year in which they declared their major. The art history and studio art tracks in the BA in Art require a minor. Please contact the art department if you have any further questions.

Bachelor of Fine Art in Art

The BFA degree is a professional degree. Students are accepted into the BFA program by means of a portfolio and transcript review process. Students must first be a declared art major before they may participate in the review process for admission to the BFA program. The BFA requires 18 hours in a particular studio emphasis or concentration area, thus allowing students to develop their conceptual abilities and hone their technical skills.

The BFA in Art has tracks in fine art (studio art) and applied design.

  • The BFA tracks for fine art and applied design students require a 72-hour major within a total 120-hour degree.
  • To view a full list of requirements for the BFA in fine art or applied design, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students currently in the BA in Studio Art (with tracks in Fine Art, Applied Design, and Art Education) and transfer students may apply for BFA admission. When they meet the qualifications of the BFA review process, BA in Art students may apply for admission to the BFA program.

Admission to the BFA program occurs via a review process that includes a portfolio and transcript review as well as the submission of a goal statement and application form. Minimum requirements for admission eligibility are the completion of 24 art hours: 15 hours of studio prerequisites, 6 hours of art history, 3 hours of the studio foundation courses which should be in the student’s intended studio emphasis area. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in all art courses. Students are allowed a total of three attempts to pass the review before they are ineligible for the BFA program.

Transfer students are encouraged to meet with an advisor as soon as possible to review their transcript and make preparation for the advancement review. Transfer students are required to meet the same curricular completion standards as previously outlined, and are encouraged to participate in the review prior to enrollment in the UALR Department of Art courses.


The department has advisors for both undergraduate and graduate students. Incoming freshmen and transfer students should contact the department chair, Professor Tom Clifton, for initial advising. Continuing undergraduates should contact professors Marjorie Williams-Smith, Jane Brown, or Floyd Martin for assistance with their academic programs.

Students interested in public school teaching should contact Professor Jeff Grubbs.

Undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of 100 academic credits should contact Professor Aj Smith.

Prospective or current students may also call the art department at 501.569.3182 to contact an advisor.

Steps to Admission

Entering Freshmen

Those enrolling for the first time must submit an application to UALR online. You can get started by going to You will also need to send to the Office of Admissions:

  • Official transcripts from high school or GED score
  • Either ACT or SAT scores no more than five years old
  • An Arkansas Certificate of Immunization for Institutions of Higher Education

Transfer Students

Students transferring to UALR who intend to major in art should contact the department chairman, Tom Clifton, before enrolling to arrange for advising. Students may be required to take additional hours in areas where deficiencies are noted.

Transfer students must complete at least nine hours of their studio concentration at UALR. For example, a student who has 15 hours accepted in transfer credit for painting must complete an additional nine hours of painting at UALR if painting is the studio concentration.