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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts: Online

Core Requirements

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum at UALR is a 44-hour requirement designed to provide a foundation for the student’s further academic and professional activities. Required of all students seeking baccalaureate degrees, the core curriculum includes options from across the disciplines, including arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. All core courses include active teaching and learning strategies, reading and writing experiences, and critical thinking activities.

* Denotes courses that are currently available online at UALR. Note: MATH 1302 requires attendance for an on campus final.

English/Communications (9 hours)
*RHET 1311 Composition I
*RHET 1312 Composition II
SPCH 1300 Speech Communication

Math (3 hours)
*MATH 1315 College Mathematics
*MATH 1302 College Algebra

Science (8 hours)
ANTH 1415 Physical Anthropology
*ASTR 1301 Introduction to Astronomy and *ASTR 1101 Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory
BIOL 1400 Evolutionary and Environmental Biology
*BIOL 1401 Science of Biology
CHEM 1409 Chemistry and Society
*ERSC 1302 Physical Geology and *ERSC 1102 Physical Geology Laboratory
*ERSC 1303 Historical Geology and *ERSC 1103 Historical Geology Laboratory

Fine Arts/Humanities (9 hours)
Two classes from the following options (6 hours):
MUHL 2305 Introduction to Music
*ARHA 2305 Introduction to Visual Art
THEA 2305 Introduction to Theatre and Dance
One course (3 hours) from the following:
*ENGL 2337 World Literature
*ENGL 2338 World Literature Themes
*PHIL 2320 Ethics and Society

Social Sciences (15 hours)
*HIST 1311 History of Civilization I
*HIST 1312 History of Civilization II

One course (3 hours) from the following:
*HIST 2311 U.S. History to 1877
*HIST 2312 U.S. History since 1877
*POLS 1310 American National Government

Two courses (6 hours) from the following:
*ANTH 2316 Cultural Anthropology
GNST 2300 Introduction to Gender Studies
*GEOG 2312 Cultural Geography
*PSYC 2300 Psychology and the Human Experience
*RELS 2305 Religious World Views
RTVF 2330 Mass Media and Society or JOUR 2330 Mass Media and Society
*SOCI 2300 Introduction to Sociology
*CRJU 2300 Introduction to Criminal Justice
ECON 2301 Survey of Economics
*POLS 2301 Introduction to Political Science

Core courses are also offered online through UA system schools for transfer to UALR

Updated 3.2.2012