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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts: Online


Some courses may require a prerequisite. Please review the course descriptions or contact your advisor if you have a question about prerequisites. Not all courses are offered each semester.  

All BAIS Majors, 6 hours total
LIST 3310 Reasoning Across the Disciplines
LIST 4310 Liberal Arts Colloquium

History Emphasis, 18 hours total
HIST 2311 US History to 1877
HIST 2312 US History since 1877

12 Additional Upper Level HIST electives

Below is a list of the courses that are normally offered:
HIST 3312 Medieval Civilization
HIST 3313 Renaissance 1300-1550
HIST 3322 History of England from 1714
HIST 3330 Early Modern Germany
HIST 3331 Modern Germany
HIST 3342 Modern China
HIST 3352 American Revolution
HIST 3353 The New Republic: The US, 1787-1848
HIST 4301 History of Technology
HIST 4302 Magic, Science & Occult
HIST 4315 Religious History of the US
HIST 4355 Ark History/Government
HIST 4378 History US-Latin America
HIST 4390 Special Topics in History

Updated 3.21.2013