Discussion Board: Forum Features

A. Use the breadcrumbs to navigate to a previous page. Do not use the browser navigation controls; page load errors may occur.

B. Use the action bar functions to perform various actions, including:

  • Create Thread: Add a new thread to a forum.
  • Search: Search for Discussion Board content. The search field is collapsed by default to save screen space.
  • Thread Actions: Make a selection from the drop-down list. Edit the status of the selected threads and perform other actions, such as marking threads read or unread and setting or clearing flags. Flags mark threads for later attention.
  • Collect: Gather selected threads onto one page where posts can be sorted, filtered, or printed.

C. Select one or more threads or select the check box in the header row to select all threads for an action, such as collecting.
D. Click a thread title to read the posts. Forum titles containing unread posts appear in bold type.
E. Click Edit Paging to determine the number of items to view per page. Type a number in the box and click Go. Click the X to close the pop-up box.

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