Course Messages vs. Social Messages

Course Messages
The Blackboard Learn course messages tool provides you with a familiar, email-like environment that you can use for course communication. Accounts are created automatically for each member of the course, and messages are sent and received using that account. This provides additional privacy because external email addresses are not used, so external factors will not affect course communication.
You cannot receive course messages outside your course.

You are not notified if you receive a new course message, so make routine checks for new messages if your class is using this tool for communication.

How to Create Course Messages
You can send course messages to course members. Using the course messages tool instead of the email tool can also be more reliable. Incorrect or out-of-date student email addresses will not affect course communication.

  • On the course menu, click Tools.
  • On the Tools page, select Course Messages.
  • On the Course Messages page, click Create Message on the action bar.
  • On the Compose Message page, click To, and a list of course members appears.
  • In the Select Recipients: To line box, select the recipients and click the right-pointing arrow to move them to the Recipients box. You can use the Cc, and Bcc functions to send the course message to those users that may be interested in the message, but are not the primary recipients. When using Bcc, other recipients do not know that the users listed in the Bcc field are receiving the message.
  • Type a Subject.
  • Type a message. Optionally, you can use the content editor to format the Body text.
  • Click Browse to select a file to attach to the message. If the message is a reply or a forward, you have the option of including the original attachment.
  • Click Submit.

Social Messages
The Social Messages tool enables you to communicate with other users in your learning network through one-to-one and one-to-many messages – similar to the type of message you can send and receive through a social platform.

You are able to exchange simple messages with other people who use Blackboard. Click the Message link on a person’s profile card or full Profile -OR- in the Messages tool, click New Message.

  • My Blackboard messages are not the same as course messages or email. You do not have to be online at the same time as other people to send and recieve messages. You do have to be logged into Blackboard to send and receive My Blackboard messages.View your messages in the left panel. The most recent appears first. Select a message to view the entire conversation.
  • Click New Message to start a conversation with another user.
  • Delete the conversation
  • Write a reply.
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