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B.S.E. in Middle Childhood Education: Math/Science

Middle Childhood Education B.S.E.

Middle Childhood Education

Admission:  The following are minimum criteria for consideration for admission to these programs. All applicants must:

  1. Be formally admitted to UALR;
  2. Have completed the University Core with a cumulative GPA of 2.65 or greater;
  3. Submit official Praxis CORE results that meet the state minimum


  1. Once admitted, students in Middle Childhood Education programs are required to maintain a 2.65 grade point average, with at least a C in all professional courses (this includes all courses associated with the licensure/degree plan). In addition, students    professional behaviors, content knowledge, and classroom performance will be evaluated throughout the program.
  2. Successful completion of the licensure program is not based solely on the number of course credits, but requires demonstration of specified professional knowledge, skills, and behaviors.
  3. While a student may require additional time to meet some performance expectations, the faculty may limit that time and reserves the right to remove a student from the licensure program should appropriate progress not be demonstrated.

Recommendation for Teacher Licensure

Applicants must provide the following items to the Office of Teacher Licensure:

  1. A completed license application form.
  2. An official UALR transcript showing the date the degree was granted.
  3. Official transcripts from all other institutions attended.
  4. Appropriate Praxis II scores.
  5. State Police and FBI record checks.

Exit Requirements

  1. Completion of all courses on degree plan with grades as required and passing Praxis scores
  2. Entry of all required artifacts into Chalk and Wire and submission of these artifacts for assessment in Chalk and Wire.

Middle Childhood Education B.S.E.has four content areas: 

1. Math 2. Science 3. Social Studies 4. Language Arts

    Students may select any two content areas for licensure.

    Updated 5.2.2014