Got Youth Conflict? UALR-CI Parents and Staff Learn How to Help

On Saturday February 9, parents, staff, students and volunteers of UALR CI participated in an anger management workshop facilitated by The Arkansas Community Dispute Resolution Centers, Inc. (ACDRC). Participants were provided detailed information about community-based conflict resolution and peer mediation in an effort to more effectively serve our youth.

The highly interactive workshop featured role-plays simulating situations aimed at enhancing skills needed to effectively manage anger and resolve conflict. Parents, staff, students and volunteers also had the opportunity to assess their current conflict resolution styles and learned more creative ways to listen, probe and infer more persuasively.
“Youth typically resolve their disputes through aggressive verbal behavior and violent actions,” said Angelia Tolbert, the center’s Executive Director. “The goal of conflict resolution is to diffuse anger and resolve conflict more effectively”. Tolbert is dedicated to assisting Arkansas’ youth and those that work with them, in learning more about appropriate methods to resolve conflict.

Topics ranged from Conflict Management and Cooperative Problem Solving as well as Respect Activities and the proper responses for conflict. Participants learned how open-ended questions and respectively listening allows opportunities to learn root causes of emotional triggers for youth. When everyone works together to create a family environment of mutual respect, it provides a safe place for the youth to blossom, especially in programs that are more culturally diverse. The results can even be seen at home as some parents have reported positive changes in their children.

ACDRC teaches skills students can use to achieve personal goals, think independently and critically, to support positive outcomes, to promote safe environments and to foster greater productivity in their homes, schools and communities. There are more than 550 community dispute resolution centers across the United States. For more information about ACDRC visit them online at

Photos and story by
Tameka Riley
Communications Consultant
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
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