UALR-CI Youth Tutoring Program– Time Worth Celebrating!

Today the 60 students who have been participating in UALR Children International’s (UALR-CI) Youth Tutoring Program will celebrate the end of the school year. While today they party in the park, all year long from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays they have been working hard on improving their grades, attitudes, and behavior. Studies show that children who fall behind in early years rarely catch up with their classmates. UALR-CI knows how important it is for children to have as much support as possible – physically, socially and academically. Our Youth Tutoring Program works hand in hand with parents seeking tutors for help with children who are struggling academically.

“When my son entered junior high for the first time, his grades really suffered,” said Keisha, who came to UALR-CI seeking tutoring for her son Roy. “Since he began tutoring, his grades have really improved. Even his attitude has changed and teachers are no longer calling the house with problems,” she said as she smiled with pride. “He’s even more mature and responsible with his younger siblings, I’m so proud of my son.”

At UALR-CI, we work hard with our children, implementing a wide array of resources to help supplement instruction at school. It’s been proven that children who are successful academically tend to have people who help keep them engaged and carefully monitor their progress. We sincerely believe it takes a village to help pull this off. “I love it, they are great!” said Shayla. “You can talk to them, even beyond tutoring they will go out of their way to help you.” Her son, Te’Von, has been in the CI family for years and we’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow. “I highly recommend the program. He’s grown socially and academically and I don’t have to worry about him running around in the streets or getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. I can tell they really care about him.”

Tina’s daughter also started the program at the urging of a family friend and fellow member of the program. “It’s so convenient and I can already see a difference in Alexis’s grades.” Both mom and child really enjoy the program and are grateful for the burdens it has helped lift from both their shoulders.

UALR-CI works in partnership with 16 UALR departments and 22 public and private agencies. Since 1994, more than 24,000 students have benefitted from the generosity of their individual sponsors. For more information on our programs, visit

Tameka Riley
Communications Consultant
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
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