Health and Dental Services

Children International works with a host of partners to provide health education and annual dental screenings for Pre-K through fifth grade students in the five partner elementary schools.  All students attending the five partner schools receive health education and a Healthy Report Card, once parents complete permission forms.

The Future Smiles Dental Program is a comprehensive dental initiative aimed at improving the oral health of thousands of children. Our clinic has serviced 11,077 patients to date. Services include:

  • Annual dental screening
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride varnish
  • Restorative care at the Future Smiles Dental Clinic

Dental screenings and toothbrush kits are provided on-site at the partner schools during the fall semester and during CI annual events. All students attending the school are eligible once parent permission is granted. Over the past 12 years, 29,727 students have received dental screenings, toothbrush kits and dental education. This year, alone, we completed 1,679 CI health assessments & 717 non-CI health assessments.  This number exceeds the total planned of 1,701 by 40%. 

Dental sealants are provided on-site at the elementary schools with portable dental equipment. Dental sealants are plastic coatings placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth to seal out the food and bacteria. UAMS Department of Dental Hygiene faculty and students, as well as volunteer dental professionals, provide sealants from February through March every year. To date, 3,857 children have received 11,745 dental sealants.

Pulaski Technical College’s Dental Assistance Program students are improving the oral health of children by providing two fluoride varnish treatments, a substance painted directly on teeth to reduce tooth decay. To get the best results, we recommend children eat soft foods for the rest of the day and avoid brushing until the next morning. CI has provided 8,003 children with these treatments.

Bale Dental Visit: 10-09-1421Restorative care is provided at Children International’s Future Smiles Dental Clinic, the only school-based dental clinic in Arkansas. The clinic targets children without dental insurance and those with Medicaid/ARKids 1st.

UAMS Department of Dental Hygiene partners with UALR Children International to provide x-rays, cleanings and sealants for children at Future Smiles under the supervision of Dr. Missy Collins. CI staff transport children from Bale, Franklin, Stephens and Wilson during the school year.


In addition to UALR Children International and Medicaid reimbursements, the clinic has received generous financial support from a combination of private and public sources:

Dental Health Action Team

The Future Smiles Dental Clinic is open four days a week from 8-4 p.m., 11 months of the year. If you would like more information, or want to schedule an appointment, please call 501.447.6645.