CLC students are leaders across campus. Beginning as freshmen, our scholars join UALR organizations. Many of our scholars go on to hold leadership positions in their organizations.

Ashton Stewart
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc

My position is Vice Basileus, which is equivalent to the role of a Vice President of an organization. I’m a junior at UALR, majoring in Criminal Justice, and a minor in Legal Studies, with an emphasis in Public Relations. I plan to work on the Judicial Board of Arkansas and one day for the United States.To be a leader to me is a hobby, something that you love to do, not just because of obligation!


Dariane Mull
Support Our Sistahs, President

I’m a Junior at UALR, double majoring in Theatre Arts and English Creative Writing. My career goal is to be a high school teacher or a college instructor. I want to open my own Theatre Company here in Little Rock that reaches out to the community in an effort to enrich and educate. I also hope to be a published writer. Support Our Sistahs is an organization dedicated to encouraging more well rounded young women on our campus as well as within our communities by offering educational, leadership, social, and service opportunities. I am the president and the founder of this organization.

A leader means not just being able to give orders, but to inspire and encourage those that you lead to live to their highest potential as a part of the group.  Finding and bringing the potential and purpose to all your members is true leadership. I hope to inspire the members I lead. Being a leader means you are still part of the group and within the group we work with each other, not for each other.


Mandi Carreiro
Kappa Delta Sorority, Vice President of Operations

I’m majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Music, Theater, and Communications. My career goal is work with student affairs at the collegiate level. As in our vision statement says, “Kappa Delta Sorority is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that inspire women to greatness.” Our four founders set out to create a unique sisterhood that was not quite like any other. Kappa Delta is based on Christian morals along with striving “for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.” Kappa Delta has taught to me strive each day to find those things are honorable, beautiful, and highest. My role in Kappa Delta is Vice President Operations. In my position, I help maintain the calendar and appointed officers in the Eta Sigma Chapter. I am there to help other officers with reports and help our chapter reach goals toward improvements as women in our university and in our sorority.

A leader has to be compassionate, responsive, loyal, driven, and decisive.To be a leader is to have support from others and to also have qualities to help in every way possible. A leader to me is having the sense and knowledge to help something grow and flourish.

Trey Gibeault
Student Government Association, Vice President

I’m a Junior at UALR, majoring in Business Finance. My career goal is to work in corporate finance. The Student Government Association at UALR serves many purposes including effectively representing the interests of students in the decision-making process of the University. In this capacity, Student Government serves as the official student voice to UALR administration. SGA also seeks to enhance spirit and support all students and student organizations in their academic and community-directed endeavors through providing needed services. The SGA Vice President assists with presidential duties, becomes President in their absence, and serves as the President of the Senate.

In a nutshell, I perceive a leader as somebody who communicates to others so clearly their worth and potential that they are influenced to see it in themselves. Although leaders form many different shapes, specific characteristics that I appreciate are the ability to cast a vision, easily adapt to situations, and is simply comfortable to be around.

Hannah Troillet
Chi Omega, President

I’m a Sophomore at UALR. I am a Business Marketing major. My dream job is to be a Marketing Director at a major children’s hospital. Pediatric Oncology is my main focus of interest and I hope to one day raise awareness on the national level concerning children with cancer and their families. I am the President of the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Chi Omega, the largest women’s organization in the nation. Chi Omega has six purposes where scholarship is the most important. Our national philanthropy is the Make-A-Wish Foundation and we participate and host various fundraisers throughout the year as our contribution. Our organization was founded upon “Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals” and we are so proud to be on UALR’s campus for nearly 50 years!

To me, being a leader means being a servant to my sisters. I am there for our members 24/7 no matter what the issue. I do my best to make sure that my sisters are having fun but are also keeping a good head on their shoulders. When I accepted my position as President I was so honored and I continue to be humbled with the position that I hold. Chi Omega is all about being the best that you can be and constantly improving. As a leader, I do my best as a role model in the chapter and in my daily life!

Corey 2Corey Green
Alpha Xi Rho, President

I’m a Freshman at UALR, majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. My career goal is to become a Surgeon.  Alpha Xi Rho is Christian organization that share a communal interest for God. Apart from being a Christian organization, we aim to help students become more involved in campus activities and to meet other students on campus. My role as President is to help organize events, meetings, fundraisers, and to encourage others to join this organization.

A leader is a person who is willing to take the initiative to speak up when others are quiet for the sake of the group. A leader is not someone who pretends to be the boss in a situation but one who will give up the spotlight for the better of himself and others.


DustinDustin Brown
Chancellor’s Leadership Corps, President

I’m a Freshman at UALR, majoring in Biology with a minor in Non-profit leadership studies. I plan to attend veterinarian school after I graduate from UALR. With my degree, I plan to open a revolutionary clinic that is part veterinarian office and the other part an animal shelter that is non discriminatory to exotic pets.  The Chancellors Leadership Corps (CLC)  is a scholarship organization that is founded on the basis of learning, leading and serving. Through this program, students are exposed to various skills that will benefit them not only during their four years at UALR, but also with whatever they pursue after their time at the university. I currently serve as president of this organization. With this role, I collaborate with the other elected council members to help bring a continual growth and expansion to the program.

To me, a leader is a person who has a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen. What I mean by this is that a leader will take charge or initiative in a given situation, determine what needs to be changed and then in turn apply enough time and commitment to see that vision fulfilled.