Employer FAQ

Q. I want to hire an intern through the Cooperative Education Internship & Placement Office, how do I get started?

A. The first step is to create a job description listing specific duties and projects as well as qualifications.  It is important to keep in mind that the criteria used for evaluating the position are academic content, specific relevancy to a particular major and rate of pay. 

Q. Once I submit a job description, what should I expect?

A. We will process your job description through a faculty coordinator.  The faculty member will then evaluate it for academic credit.  If approved, you will receive resumes of qualified applicants.

Q. What do you mean by “qualified applicants?”

A. Those students who have declared one of the participating majors, completed at least 60 credit hours and have at least a 2.5 GPA are eligible to apply.  Some majors have higher requirements; therefore, we process all student applications through faculty before they can be approved.  Once approved, they participate in a Co-op Orientation Session that prepares them for the process.

Q. Will I have an opportunity to interview the candidates or will you assign an intern to my company?

A. You will have an opportunity to interview all candidates and make a hiring decision that is best for your company. 

Q. What is the minimum number of hours the intern will need to work per week?

A. For fall and spring semesters (16 weeks in length each), the intern will need to work a minimum of 12.5 hours per week to meet the 200-clock hour requirement for academic credit.  For the summer term (10 weeks in length), the intern will need to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Q. Who determines the rate of pay?

A. You determine the rate of pay.  However, we are able to give you guidelines based on current trends.  For example, the average hourly rate of pay for Spring 2011 was $13.00 per hour.  If you are interested in seeing a breakdown of averages by major, please contact Michelle Goza, job development specialist, at (501) 569-3586 or mdgoza@ualr.edu.

Q. Can I hire a student as an independent contractor?

A.  Not through our program.  The reason… the intern needs to be covered by worker’s compensation insurance.  It’s best to put the co-op student directly on your payroll.