Hiring a Co-op Student

The Cooperative Education Internship & Placement Office partners with employers to provide meaningful work-integrated learning opportunities for qualified students.

Employer Benefits

  • Employers have access to a year-round supply of well-trained and highly motivated students.
  • Employers can hire Co-op students who will contribute their specific knowledge to a special project.
  • Employers can participate in cost-effective recruiting.
  • Employers are able to evaluate potential full-time hires without a long-term commitment.
  • Employers can contribute to a student’s college education.

Steps to Hiring a Co-op Student

Follow these six easy steps to hiring a co-op student and leave the rest to us!

  1. Prepare a Job Description – pay range and academic relevancy are required.
  2. Submit Job description – send to Michelle Goza, job development specialist. Complete the online form, e-mail to Michelle at mdgoza@ualr.edu, or fax to (501)569-3588.
  3. Review Resumes – once your position is approved, you will receive resumes of qualified students.
  4. Schedule Interviews – you can contact the students directly or allow us to coordinate on-campus interviews.
  5. Hire a Co-op Student – please inform our office of a decision to hire within 48 hours.
  6. Complete Assessments – supervisors will complete two student assessments and participate in a site visit during the semester.

For more information about hiring a Co-op student, call (501)569-3584 or e-mail co-op@ualr.edu.