Trojan Athletics Logo

The Trojan logo is officially licensed and registered to UALR. Its use should be associated with the UALR Athletic Department. The UALR Alumni Association is allowed to use the Trojan as an art element in its print materials and on the alumni license plate, bumper stickers, and decals.

The UALR Trojan logo was designed with specific proportions in mind. When re-sizing the Trojan logo, it is imperative to keep the original proportions intact.

The UALR Trojan logo is a solid color logo on a transparent background. The default logo color is black, but it can be changed to maroon or silver. When placing the logo on a background color other than white (silver, maroon, etc.), the area inside the Trojan logo should be changed to match the new background color.

The official school colors are Maroon PMS 209, Black and Silver PMS 877. Please note that silver can be achieved by using PMS 422 or 45 percent black.

If you are unsure about the appropriateness of including the UALR Trojan logo on your document or publication, contact the Office of Communications at 501.683.7397 or Printing Services at 501.569.3260.