Web Addresses

A web address is a series of characters that provides a label for a given web location other than the actual IP address of that location.

The web address has a domain name and may include a subfolder to provide a direct link to a particular website. For instance, https://test.ualr.edu/future links to UA Little Rock’s recruiting website where “ualr.edu” is the domain and “/future” is the subfolder.

Determining a web address with a specific subfolder name involves both a marketing and a technical consideration. Generally, shorter names are preferable to longer names. They are easier to remember, communicate, and type. Short names that utilize acronyms, conversely, may provide a measure of convenience for those familiar with them, but can generate confusion for external audiences.

Domain Name Standards
UA Little Rock uses the domain of ualr.edu. All official university websites, including those of colleges, departments, divisions or other fiscal or operating units of the university, as well as faculty or staff performing university functions, should use appropriate names within the ualr.edu namespace for websites or other use of the Internet. Generally, this means that all UA Little Rock websites will begin with ualr.edu and will be differentiated by additional levels as well.

Student organizations that choose to reside within the ualr.edu domain namespace should be hosted under specific domain names, such as ualr.edu/sga for the Student Government Association, that have been reserved for student use.

Naming Convention Guidelines for Subdomains
Since colleges, departments, and other units are a subset of the university, domain names are expected to reflect an association with the university, a unit or a service to the university. However, representatives should remember that domains should first promote UA Little Rock and then the specific program or department attached.

Groups, programs or organizations with UA Little Rock in the title are advised not to include UA Little Rock in the subdomain name to avoid confusion from the repetition in the url.

Domain names are a reflection on the university, and good taste should be used in name selection. Administrators responsible for approving subdomains may refuse a name if it is deemed inappropriate or if it may cause confusion about the true nature or purpose of a system, service, program or website.