Minor and Certificate in Poverty Studies

Poverty Studies is an 18-credit hour undergraduate certificate program.  The program is headed by a faculty adviser and administrative adviser housed in the Office of Community Engagement, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Advancement.

Full-time faculty teach required courses and many of the electives.  Adjunct and community faculty will assist and present courses in their areas of expertise.

Students applying to the program will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • grade point average,
  • a resume of volunteer and service-learning activities,
  • a statement of purpose and commitment,
  • an in-person interview.
  • and once accepted, students will commit to a eight-week, summer placement field internship.

To strengthen the certificate program in poverty studies, academic curriculum with initiatives such as nurturing scholarly and applied research and creating a lecture series that features both academic and community experts from central Arkansas and beyond are included in the program.

Students must complete 15 semester hours of required courses to earn the minor and undergraduate certificate.

See the Poverty Studies Curriculum page.